Adult Film Star Commits Suicide After Husband’s Death

Wilfried Chevalier, aka Wilfried Knight.  Photo:

Wilfried Chevalier, aka Wilfried Knight.

By: Christine Nicco/TRT Reporter–

After having witnessed the suicide of his husband, Wilfried Chevalier (Canadian adult film star known as Wilfried Knight) allegedly took his own life because of the struggles that the couple underwent because of their immigration status.

Jerry Enriquez’s body was found by Knight in their home on February 21, 2013. Enriquez reportedly hanged himself, according to reports from The Raw Story. Knight’s death followed, two weeks after he found his husband’s body, according to statements Qweerty acquired from a personal friend, Michael Mew.

Through Knight’s personal blogs, we learn that the couple was struggling due to the hardships of not being able to stay together in the U.S or Canada.

“And I know what most people will say: Why didn’t you guys marry in Washington, or California, or NYC?” Knight typed in what is his last blog entry. “Well, IF YOU ARE TWO GAY MEN FROM DIFFERENT NATIONALITY, STATE MARRIAGE DOES NOT MATTER, EVEN IF ONE IS AMERICAN: IT NEEDS TO EXIST ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL TO APPLY TO A MULTINATIONAL COUPLE.”

Because the U.S. does not recognize same-sex marriages from Canada for immigration purposes (etc.), Knight and Enriquez tried other ways to stay together. For several years, according to Knight’s blog and Mew’s interview with Qweerty, the happy couple built a life “together” around a student visa that Knight acquired to study acupuncture in the U.S. and what seemed to be Enriquez’s troubled and failed job at Lulemon, a well-known Canadian company.

“We basically had to leave the USA like if we were some kind of criminals looking for asylum when in fact we only were a happy couple with a dog just trying to be happy,” Knight wrote.

It was only on January 29th, 2013 that President Obama introduced same-sex couples in immigration reform plans. A recent USAToday article states that the Obama administration and some “congressional Democrats are pushing for any immigration reform plan to include a provision to allow gay Americans to sponsor their immigrant partners for legal residency in the United States. That is a right currently enjoyed only by married heterosexual couples.” But, the news seemed to be too late for Enriquez’s urgent desire to stay together with his husband.

The reform plan, “also treats same-sex families as families by giving U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the ability to seek a visa on the basis of a permanent relationship with a same-sex partner,” reads a section of the proposal, according to ABC News, geared toward keeping families together. For Knight, having lost his husband already, the news did not reach his suffering mind either.

Knight posted on his Twitter account the following on March 4th. A day later he ended his life too.

“And I was in love, and so was my partner,” read his last blog entry, sometimes written in caps. “… He gave me the best 8, almost 9 years of my life … and this amazing guy committed suicide by hanging last week, after fighting for so long for us to stay together. I AM WILFRIED CHEVALIER, BETTER KNOW AS WILFRIED KNIGHT, PROUD OF EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE. AND A DISTRAUGHT WIDOW.”

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  1. This is far too sad. The Sick people who push religion down everyones throat….also have a mjor effect on politics…so people are still dying because of the idiots on both the “CHURCH” and the STATEHOUSES”
    They didnt have to kill each other..but if the fear of separation of the one you love is so great, it can effect yourmental stability, your brain chemical inbalance…..and then when one of them kills them self…the other one, cannot live alone ..and the anguish if far to great.

  2. Somewhere out there
    Two lights have dimmed
    But somewhere out there
    a Rainbow is getting stronger
    more colorful
    ANd those who see it
    will gain strenght
    thru their sadness and anger
    And make things change
    Pushing the ROllercoaster of change
    to go faster, more furiously
    So no more lights will dim and fade
    and we all will be free

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