Affirming Heineken Ad Gives Hope in the Rise of Disagreement

cooley dickinson

By: Chris Gilmore/TRT Reporter—

Differences of opinion? You find yourself being upset often during the day? You see a bumper sticker that puts down women? Or, you feel that patriarchy is not to blame, but the feminist movement is. How can people be against the environment? But, there are many who believe the environment can wait, for there are other more important issues to tackle. How about the divide in the country about politics, religion, LGBQ rights and protections, transgender protections, and so much more.

Heineken dared to bring some of these controversial topics to life in their new TV commercial in the UK through “Worlds Apart, An Experiment.” The video exercise, divided in parts, gives those in disagreement with one another the opportunity to carry out some tasks while learning from one another throughout it. Once they are done with the experiment, they are given the most difficult task. Will they take the dare or will they walk away? Watch and see the results of “Worlds Apart” and #OpenYourWorld from Heineken, which has been courting the LGBTQ community for years. The beer company also pulled out of the “NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2014 when organizers banned pro-gay signs and LGBTQ contingents from marching.”

Others will remember Heineken’s pro-LGBT commercial with Neal Patrick Harris, as reported by LGBTQ Nation, in which the company pushed the envelope and stuck with gay love and many were horrified at the company for the “gay innuendo.”

Check out the new video here.

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