Black Lives Matter: A Statement from Boston LGBTQ and HIV Organizations

BOSTON, Mass.—The Boston area LGBTQ and allied organizations listed below stand together in solidarity with people across the nation—in Baltimore, here in Boston, and elsewhere—who raise their voices to challenge systemic inequity and violence, which continue to degrade and cut short too many Black lives in America.

LGBTQ people form a vastly diverse community that includes people of all races, of all economic means, of all political beliefs. Many of us have experienced how persistent violence, both physical and spiritual, can tear apart our lives, our families, and our communities. It is particularly heinous when this oppression and violence is state-sanctioned and systemic.

Recent deaths of Black people at the hands of police have reverberated loudly because they are not isolated events. They rest as the most recent casualties in the history of discrimination, neglect, and often violent suppression that Black people continue to struggle against in the United States.

We call on every member of the LGBTQ community, people of all races, to stand up to structural racism and inequity. We can do this by joining and supporting movements for racial justice and by facing the racism that exists within our own LGBTQ community.

Black people, like all people, have the right to justice. Black voices, like all voices, have the right to be heard. Black communities, like all communities, have the right to peace. Our government must equitably respect these rights – and ensure they are protected, not abrogated.

To everyone striving for justice, equity and peace, we offer our support.

In the long arc of the struggle for justice, we stand united.


AIDS Action Committee

BAGLY (Boston Alliance of LGBTQ Youth)

Bisexual Resource Center

Bisexual Women of Color – BIWOC

Black and Pink-Boston

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus


Fenway Health


GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

GLSEN Massachusetts

Greater Boston PFLAG

Harbor Camps

Hispanic Black Gay Coalition (HBGC)

“if you can Feel it, you can Speak it” Open Mic Movement

JRI Health


Massachusetts Area South Asian Lambda Association (MASALA)

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC)


Multicultural AIDS Coalition

New England Aces

New England Professional Queer Women of Color (PQWOC)

Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (QAPA)

Renewal House/Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry

SpeakOUT Boston

The Network/La Red

The Theater Offensive: OUT in Your Neighborhood

Women of Color AIDS Council

[From a News Release]

[NOTE from the Editor: This story was originally published on May 7th. Revisions have been made to it, which changed the publication date to May 10th. The Rainbow Times completely supports these voices and (since we do not meet the criteria of an organization) joins these organizations in solidarity, to fight against the suppression and discrimination against all people of color, all racial and ethnic minorities, especially black people, all sexual minorities, transgender people of color, etc.]

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  1. As a representative of COLAGE of Greater Boston, an organization for the kids & teens of LGBTQ parent(s), I want to thank all the agencies listed on this letter and The Rainbow Times, and add COLAGE of Greater Boston’s name as a supporter.

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