Boston Pride Parade Proves Importance of Authenticity & Resistance

boston pride paradeComplete photo coverage by: The Rainbow Times/Steve Jewett & Fara Wolfson

Boston Pride Parade: Live Preliminary Pics released on The Rainbow Times’ social media channels

By: Nicole Lashomb/TRT Editor-in-Chief—

The Rainbow Times has released live preliminary pics of the Boston Pride parade. High energy crowds thriving with authenticity is apparent but it is extraordinarily clear that the political state of the country has driven many of its participants to stand up for equality and fight against the machine in Washington. We are proud to exclusively bring this information to you as it unfolds.

For many participants, Pride has returned to its roots of political protest and rising up against oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. This year, pride parade depicts all levels of pride … the jubilant and the resistance.

If anything, these photos prove the importance of living authentically. This November, Massachusetts will vote to uphold transgender protections in public spaces. The overall message from top politicians and the community is to vote yes! This synergistic message tied in with the grand marshall this year, Freedom Massachusetts, a campaign dedicated to uphold transgender protections in the Commonwealth. According to its website, “the goal of the Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign is to continue building the Commonwealth’s familiarity with transgender people and to continue growing support for fair and equal treatment,” it read. “Full transgender equality is the law in Massachusetts now. When presented in 2018 with the question of whether to continue to treat transgender people as equal members of the Commonwealth, voters will vote yes.”

We are proud to have our team on site capturing all of these updates live and we are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters across the vast LGBTQ spectrum that stand for equality and resist oppression of all kinds. Stay tuned to our social media as coverage continues to be updated.

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1 Comment on "Boston Pride Parade Proves Importance of Authenticity & Resistance"

  1. Standing with “brothers and sisters across the vast LGBTQ spectrum” is an interesting statement, considering the language brothers/sisters does not make space for our non-binary siblings. Maybe use siblings moving forward. Also Pride has not returned to its roots as a political protest led by trans women of color against police brutality. The police presence was strong today, and police brutality against queer people of color rages on. Not to mention all the corporations who actively donate to the Republican Party and politicians advancing an anti-LGBTQ agenda, corporations that profit from humanitarian crises across the globe, mass incarceration, and many other systems that disproportionately hurt queer and trans people of color. Today was more of the status quo. Boston Pride has yet to become intersectional.

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