Boston’s Transgender Resistance Vigil

transgender resistance

Boston’s Transgender Resistance Will Hold Vigil/March This Saturday

DORCHESTER, Mass.—As the world reflects on the 50th Anniversary of Pride, it is a somber moment for members of the Transgender community. We all know Pride was the outcome of the Stonewall Riots which were started and led by Transgender Women like Marsha P. Johnson, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, and Sylvia Rivera. Since its beginning, Transgender visibility during Pride parades has been limited and we are rarely represented on boards of Pride committee.

Members of the Boston’s Transgender/Gender non-conforming communities are taking back our Pride. Since the 2016 election, we have had an additional layer of barriers added to our daily lives. The Trump White House has perpetually and explicitly fueled hatred and harm towards our communities. The administration has given transphobic and racist individuals permission to discriminate, abuse, and kill us.

transgender resistance

We say No More, as we come together this Saturday in solidarity for our community members taken away from us due to violent attacks. We are India Moore, Mesha Caldwell, Sean Hake, Vontaisha Bell, Ashanti Cameron, Muhlayshia Booker, Dustin Parker, Tony McDade and so many others who have been taken from us.

We gather in the face of oppression with the hopes of change. We hope our allies will rise alongside us to fight for our rights. We hope our family members stand with us. We hope the Black community will support and love black Transgender individuals. We hope that our voices will changes laws across the United States giving us equal rights and protections. We hope that policy brutality in America will be ended. These are the hopes that we, the Transgender community, will all get to live long, beautiful, sustainable lives.

Boston’s Transgender vigil will open the eyes of community-based organizations who claim they serve us to see & hear us. How can you serve us if you don’t know what we need? We need a seat at the table so we can be better served. This will be a peaceful event while encouraging our allies and family members to stand with us in our fight for social justice and an end to our oppression.

With love, peace & solidarity,

Chastity Bowick & members of the Boston’s Transgender Resilience Vigil/March committee

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