Wave of Boston Elected Officials Endorse Deb Goldberg

Deb Goldberg is running for MA State Treasurer. Voting starts on September 9th.
Photo: Deb Goldber's website.
Deb Goldberg is running for MA State Treasurer. Voting starts on September 9th. Photo: Deb Goldber's website.

Deb Goldberg is running for MA State Treasurer. Voting starts on September 9th.
Photo: Deb Goldber’s website.

BOSTON, Mass. – On Sept. 5th, Deb Goldberg received the endorsement of eight Boston City Councilors (Michael Flaherty, Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu, Salvatore LaMattina, Frank Baker, Matt O’Malley, Tito Jackson, and Josh Zakim), five Boston State Representatives (Nick Collins, Edward Coppinger, Liz Malia, Aaron Michlewitz and Mike Moran), and Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins.

In his endorsement, City Councilor Michael Flaherty stated, “Deb will be an excellent Treasurer because she will strongly advocate for issues that matter to the people of Boston: good public schools, local economic development, and financial literacy programs. We need a Treasurer who will invest in people, and Deb will do just that, which is why I am supporting her.”

City Councilor Ayanna Pressley announced, “I am endorsing Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because I trust she’ll be a fair and responsible fiscal steward for our Commonwealth, and put our families first. She is personally committed to ensuring every individual, family, and community has equal opportunity, and the resources and tools to be successful. I know Deb will be a reliable partner and advocate for every woman and man in our Commonwealth.”

City Councilor Michelle Wu added, “I am proud to support my friend, Deb Goldberg, for State Treasurer. Deb’s experience in business, public service, philanthropy, and community involvement has given her the skills and understanding to serve Massachusetts residents of all backgrounds. Her focus on strengthening local small business, investing in kids through a kindergarten savings plan, and empowering young people through expanding financial literacy programs make her a candidate I am excited to support.”

City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina said, “I’m supporting Deb Goldberg because I believe in her message of wage equality, financial literacy, and college savings for kindergarteners. We need a treasurer who stands up for women’s rights and who has the sense to secure the future of our children and their education. Deb Goldberg has been an advocate for these causes her whole career and I am confident she will bring the skills and experience necessary to get the job done.”

City Councilor Frank Baker stated, “We need a Treasurer that fights for working families, women, and our children. That is why I proudly stand with so many of those in the labor movement to endorse Deb Goldberg. Deb is committed to strengthening our pension funds so that seniors can retire with dignity, bringing wage equality to Massachusetts so I know my daughter will earn just as much as my son if they are working the same job, and investing in companies that will reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods.”

City Councilor Matt O’Malley announced, “With her skill set and background in business in both the private and public sector, Deb is uniquely equipped to protect and grow our taxpayers’ money as our Treasurer and Receiver General. I am proud to enthusiastically endorse her.” [pullquote]This latest round of announcement (Sept. 5) reveals that Goldberg has been endorsed by a majority of the Boston City Council, in addition to numerous elected officials representing Boston and its surrounding areas.[/pullquote]

In his endorsement, City Councilor Tito Jackson stated, “I am supporting Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because she will advocate for small businesses, entrepreneurship, and access to capital for every community from Boston to the Berkshires. Deb Goldberg has the experience, vision, and energy that we need in our next State Treasurer.”

City Councilor Josh Zakim added, “I am proud to support Deb Goldberg. Deb brings together experience in business, nonprofit, and government leadership that will serve her well as our next Treasurer. Deb shares my commitment to social justice and understands the priorities of our community.”

State Representative Nick Collins said, “Once a union member herself, Deb’s strong support for working families makes her the best candidate to be our next Treasurer. She will work hard to provide the residents of our state with the skills and opportunities they need to get ahead in today’s tough economy. Deb’s business experience will allow her to bring great value to the Treasurer’s office.”

State Representative Edward Coppinger stated, “I’ve endorsed Deb for Treasurer because of her strong business background. She has the skills needed to watch over the Commonwealth’s finances and to ensure economic empowerment, economic security, and economic stability for all women, men, and families.”

State Representative Liz Malia added, “The reason I’m excited to have Deb running for Treasurer is she brings the brains and passion to politics that is very much needed in Massachusetts. She will be a tireless advocate for wage equality and the needs of those who are struggling to break through the barriers that hold us back.”

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz announced, “I am proud to endorse Deb Goldberg for Treasurer because she is uniquely qualified for the job, given both her private sector experience and her time as a public servant in Brookline. She has the knowledge and skills necessary to hit the ground running come January.”

State Representative Mike Moran said, “I support Deb for Treasurer because I have seen firsthand how her business experience has made a meaningful difference for families in communities we both represent.”

Finally, Sheriff Steven Tompkins announced in his endorsement, “I am endorsing Deb Goldberg because she is prepared to lead the Treasurer’s office on day one. She is uniquely qualified to empower the people of Massachusetts through her advocacy for wage equality, financial literacy, and local aid. I am excited to see what she will accomplish, and I am proud to support her.”

This latest round of announcement (Sept. 5) reveals that Goldberg has been endorsed by a majority of the Boston City Council, in addition to numerous elected officials representing Boston and its surrounding areas. In the final days before the Democratic Primary on September 9, Goldberg has received a wave of endorsements by elected leaders, unions, and organizations, including an endorsement from the Boston Herald.

[From a News Release]

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