Lawmaker Wants to Change North Carolina’s LGBT-Inclusive Public Accommodations Ordinance

HB2North Carolina's Lawsuit filed today by Gov. Pat McCrory over HB2

The speaker of North Carolina’s House of Representatives, Tim Moore, wants to change an ordinance adopted by the Charlotte City Council in its LGBT-inclusive public accommodations ordinance.

The ordinance would allow transgender people to use the public restrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their gender identity, which has Moore upset.

“That’s the part that’s been alarming to people in Raleigh,” the state capitol, Moore spokeswoman Mollie Young told The Charlotte Observer.

The state legislature can override any municipal ordinance in North Carolina or call for a popular vote.

Moore is not alone in wanting to change the ordinance.

“Restrooms and locker rooms should remain distinctly private,” House Majority Leader, Mike Hager, said according to The Advocate.

State Rep. Dan Bishop, a Charlotte Republican, said the council’s vote on Monday was “intentionally provocative.”

Scott Bishop of the Charlotte-area LGBT group MeckPAC said he would meet with lawmakers and try to convince them not to change the ordinance.

“We want to make sure we have conversations at least with the local delegation so that they are up to speed on the issue,” Bishop said to the Observer. “It’s a matter of making sure they are as educated as the City Council.”

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