LGBTQ Corps Donates PPE To P-Town First Responders

lgbtq corpsProvincetown, MA; Photo: KIYOTO KATAGIRI/Pixabay

Concerned about the PPE shortage, a group of gay guys with strong ties to Provincetown sourced, funded, and today delivered a 3-week supply of kN95 respirators and surgical masks for the town’s first responders—Ambulance and EMS services, firefighters and police officers—with another 3 weeks supply ordered and on its way. The LGBTQ CORPS, created for the project, worked with Health and Public Safety Department officials over the past weeks to understand needs and quantities.

“We will continue to help until we lose our source, or the supply situation is fixed,” said Michael Goff, a Provincetown resident, and business owner. “These respirators and masks play a key role for front- line workers. It’s a rare privilege to get to help protect our first responders and front-line health care workers,” Goff added.


Masks protect town officials, local non-profits
LGBTQ Corps is also supplying masks to municipal and local non-profit staff with client- or public- facing roles at: SKIP, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Helping Our Women and the Council on Aging. All have cut back client visits without protective gear

“These teams have been under pressure from all sides while preparing for and responding to COVID- 19 in Provincetown,” added Steven Latasa-Nicks, a local restauranteur and tech entrepreneur. “Everyone we invited to give was interested and the mix of donors we ended up with is representative of Provincetown including natives, washashores, year-rounders, seasonal renters, second homeowners, local business owners, seasonal workers, and even a few tourists.”


We’re in this together, LGBTQ Corp writes letter to Town Manager
LGBTQ Corps’ letter to Town Manager, Robin Craver and town officials said, “Other than an alien invasion, not many things are as effective as a viral pandemic to show we are all in this together. And It’s hard to miss the virus’ lesson on how interconnected we humans are—especially with respect to our health and safety. Human threats as well … We’re outraged that political games and inaction elsewhere have multiplied the American death toll, put all of us at greater health risk, and even threaten the safety of front-line responders. We hope this gear can mitigate a little of that. We will figure out the new normal, the risks and the challenges together. Thanks again to you and your teams. We salute you.”

[From a News Release]

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