National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: HBGC releases video

BOSTON — In recognition of National Black HIV Awareness Day (February 7), a day established in 1999 by grassroots service organizations to promote HIV prevention and treatment initiatives in Black communities, the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition has released a 25-minute video entitled “I Am More than HIV” to give a face to those affected by HIV and shed light on the larger impact HIV/AIDS is having on the Black community.

The video consist of 6 community members, including one faith leader, reflecting on how their community has been defined by HIV. Participants respond to a series of thought provoking questions such as “When did you first become aware of HIV?”, “What are your thoughts on the recent CDC reports?”, and “What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed with HIV?”  The video also includes an HIV positive community member and two Trans identified individuals, voices often excluded from the discussion on HIV prevention and treatment in the Black community.

“We hope this video will offer a fresh perspective for how HIV is impacting communities of color while giving a voice to Black individuals to share their thoughts on what it will take for our community to rise above the epidemic,” said Quincey J. Roberts, Co-Founder of the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition and creator of the short documentary. “We also hope the video will serve as a form of support to those newly diagnosed with HIV in showing that there is life after HIV.”

Those who watch the video are encouraged to share among their networks, comment with their own experiences, and stay involved in the fight for reducing the number of new HIV infections while supporting those who are currently living with HIV.

View “I Am More than HIV” by clicking here.

The Hispanic Black Gay Coalition works to inpsire and empower Hispanic/Latino and Black LGBTQ individuals to improve their livelihood through activism, education, outreach and counseling. Learn more at

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