Biz Corner: “What Now?” Moving Forward in 2016 with Coaching Expert Shana Hirandandani

Life, Career and Relationship Coaching expert Shana Hirandandani
Photo: Shana Hirandandani
Life, Career and Relationship Coaching expert Shana Hirandandani  Photo: Shana Hirandandani

Life, Career and Relationship Coaching expert Shana Hirandandani
Photo: Shana Hirandandani

By: Christine Nicco/TRT Reporter—

FLORENCE, Mass.—Recently, The Rainbow Times caught up with Life, Career and Relationship Coaching expert Shana Hirandandani about how LGBTQ individuals can take control of their lives today to lead to a more fulfilling tomorrow.

An open lesbian, Hirandandani explains how coaching can transform lives, with a personal understanding of the trials and tribulations often found in the gay community.

“Coaching does not focus on ‘why,’ but on ‘what now,’” she said. “Together we look forward instead of analyzing the past.”

TRT: How does life coaching differ from therapy?

A: Coaching and therapy are both professions that support people in improving lives. Within both professions, emotions, past experiences and fears may be present.

With that said, some of the main differences are that most traditional therapy is focused on the past and asking “why?” Coaching focuses on creating a vision for the future and asking “how?” Therapy is based in a medical/clinical model. Coaching is based in a developmental model, creating goals and possibility. Both are vital professions and many of my clients choose to also work with a therapist.

Q: What makes you want to go to work every day?

A: I have been witness to amazing and rapid change in my clients and am grateful and inspired by ​each person​ I work with. I consider every client that comes to me as a gift.

Q: The LGBTQ community often deals with trials and tribulations based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Do you notice a difference when working with the LGBTQ community in terms of the type of coaching often needed?

A. As a lesbian who struggled to come out beginning at age 14, I personally have experienced what it can feel like to move through this world as a member of the LGBTQ community. So many of my experiences have been from an informed perspective because I always knew I loved women. I also was painfully aware of the discrimination and fear that existed, and still very much does. Each human has a journey to walk through no matter how you identify. There are particular experiences, laws, cultures and histories that are unique to the LGBTQ community.​ I can offer a personal understanding of that uniqueness.​

Q: What type of results can your clients expect?

A; A client can expect to gain clarity of what it is they want or need in life​.​ Motivation and confidence are built on in order to reach aspirations. We explore what it is they most value and how to diminish what drains them of energy. We work together to create steps to nourish oneself without guilt. Fears are viewed as a tool to propel you forward, not something to run from. Of course, each client is unique and sessions are tailored to each individual​’s needs and preferences.

Q: What is your hope for Coaching with Compassion in 2016?

A: Taking the step to reach out for help can be extremely difficult; especially if one is concerned they will not be accepted and understood. In 2016, I wish to offer a safe, validating and energizing coaching environment for a wider spectrum of people within LGBTQ community.

To learn more about Coaching with Compassion and Shana’s services, visit or call 413-341-3158 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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