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The Rainbow Times’ team has worked diligently to bring you the freshest and best LGBTQ news in New England since 2006. Our Award Winning team represents a diverse group of individuals that bring a wide spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds to report on LGBTQ trends, politics, entertainment, local news and more. We pride ourselves in our LGBTQ coverage and have the largest social media than that of any other LGBTQ publication in New England. To learn more about each of our team members, please follow the links below.

Graysen Martinez Ocasio, Publisher

Nicole Lashomb, Editor-in-Chief

Mike Givens, Assistant Editor

Alex Mancini, Lead Photographer

Steve Jewett, Lead Photographer

Christine M. Hurley, Photographer

Chris Gilmore, Reporter

Chuck Colbert, Reporter

Audrey Cole, Reporter

Lorelei Erisis, Columnist

Paul Jesep, Columnist

Deja Nicole Greenlaw, Columnist

Liz Johnson, Ad Director


2 Comments on "Our Team"

  1. Mary O'Laughlin | August 25, 2016 at 7:43 pm | Reply

    I am so very saddened about the hate crime that very recently occurred in my home city of Salem. I am a single 48 or old lesbian who just came out in the past few years. I moved to Salem from a very small town in central ma. I moved here because it embraces the LGBT community with open arms. Shoulder to Shoulder, Heart to Heart and hand in hand, let us all stand proud, stand tall and never ever let those who don’t love themselves separate us from being who we are free to be LGBT.

  2. Steven Haskell | January 13, 2018 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Hi my name is Steven Haskell
    I knew Christa up until last
    March I was her roommate she told a lot of things. I learned
    About being Transgender from her
    Any book I have been in touch.
    With a reporter with Boston Globe wants to photo interview with me. I would like turn into
    A Trbute. To Christa with friends & myself.I need a place to do interview can you help Mr out?????

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