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SpeakOUT’s Registration Open for April 27th Spring Speaker Training

BOSTON, Mass.—With the LGBTQ+ community being targets of conservative legislators and pundits, 2024 is an important time to amplify LGBTQ+ voices by sharing experiences and perspectives to raise awareness about the lives of queer people. SpeakOUT Boston is holding their Spring Speaker Training on Saturday, April 27 at Suffolk University to prepare a new cohort of speakers to share their stories and to engage in dialogue with a variety of audiences. SpeakOUT visits schools, colleges, businesses, faith communities, and other venues throughout the greater Boston area and beyond to educate about the lives of LGBTQ+ people and to help create safer and more welcoming spaces for community members.

The training is a one-day experience that gives attendees an intensive preparation for conducting speaking engagements in the region. Participants learn valuable skills such as setting the right tone, shaping and telling a story, overcoming fear, working with your co-speaker, and answering difficult questions. Participants will work in large groups as well as small breakout sessions with experienced speakers to hone their own stories.

SpeakOUT’s Spring Speaker Training encourages individuals of all backgrounds, including students, professionals, activists, retirees, and allies who are passionate about advancing LGBTQ+ rights and fostering inclusive environments. We especially encourage BIPOC, transgender and non-binary people, people of faith, and those under 30 to consider joining SpeakOUT for the training.

“LGBTQ+ people’s rights are being threatened across the country, in particular rights for transgender youth, and many in our community are looking for ways to combat the backlash and raise awareness about these injustices. Our speakers help to educate a wide range of audiences and feel a strong commitment to making life better for the LGBTQ+ people who come after us,” said Executive Director Ellyn Ruthstrom.

Once training is complete, trainees observe engagements before becoming active speakers. Speakers choose engagements that best fit their schedule, whether it be weekdays, evenings, or weekends. By taking the training, attendees are not obligated to speak for SpeakOUT and some participants take the training as a way to grow personally and professionally.

The Spring Speaker Training will be held at Suffolk University in Boston on Saturday, April 27, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. Training is $75, with a special reduced rate of $35 for seniors and students. Group rates, sliding scale, and scholarships are available, so please inquire below. Space is limited, pre-registration is required. Visit bit.ly/Spring2024SpeakOUT to register or email info@SpeakOUTBoston.org for more information.


About SpeakOUT

SpeakOUT Boston is the nation’s first lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) and ally speakers bureau, founded in 1972. SpeakOUT is a community of speakers and volunteers who work to create a world free of bias and prejudice by telling the truths of LGBTQ+ lives. Our trained speakers conduct informal, interactive speaking engagements in settings like middle and high schools, colleges, businesses, faith communities, and community service organizations. Sharing our lives and experiences publicly helps us support those struggling with their sexual orientation and gender identity – and helps us dispel stereotypes to create positive cultural change.

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