At Google, Bianca Robinson To Discuss Career Mentorship In Trans Community

trans communityBianca Robinson; Photo: Endicott College

Speakers will highlight the need for mentors in the Queer Trans People of Color (QTPOC) community

By: Chris Gilmore*/TRT Reporter—

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—A forum presented by the Lesbians of Color Symposium (LOCS) and co-hosted by Google Gayglers will feature a series of micro-talks on topics of inclusivity and equitability on June 19 in Cambridge, according to media officials from Endicott College*.

One of such micro-talks will be led by speaker, educator, and thought leader Bianca Robinson, who will discuss the need for career mentorship in the trans community.

“For decades, we’ve utilized mentorship to transmit knowledge on how to survive as a gender-variant people. These mentors are known as ‘mothers’ in the LGBTQ+ community,” said Robinson, who recently completed her MBA in accounting and business/management at Endicott College’s Van Loan School. “I’m proposing a similar movement in the trans community, but in a professional sense, so we can actively encourage successful trans people to ‘adopt’ young trans adults and teach them how to navigate a career path while managing identity in the workplace.

Robinson, according to LOCS Co-founder and CEO, Shaunya Thomas, was so passionate and committed to “the trans community” that she seemed like a perfect fit for the symposium and its goal of changing narratives and magnifying the visibility of LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people of color through activism and mere existence.

“Bianca’s voice is exactly what is required in our conversations and roundtables on social change, policy, equity, and inclusion within our communities and businesses/organizations,” said Thomas. “We cannot propel ourselves forward and unite without the inclusion of trans women, people of color, and especially trans Latinx. Robinson will discuss the need for career mentorship within the trans community.”

And thinking of trans youth and a future of opportunity through collective efforts, Robinson knows that preparing the path for success and inclusion is essential for their preparation and success.

“In order to create this movement, we have to begin by building trans people up now,” she said. “I want to present a call to action on the importance of allies and trans professionals stepping up to assume these roles, and to emphasize how their efforts in providing access to such mentors would impact the next generation of trans youth.”

The Symposium is “a convening dedicated to LGBTQ+ people of color in commemoration of pride,” Thomas emphasized.

“The Forum features micro-talks facilitated by local changemakers, trailblazers, and disrupters,” said the LOCS Co-founder. “The topics are focused on cultural connectedness, inclusivity and equity and what these matters mean to diverse communities of color. The LOCS Collective is committed to bringing our community together; the Forum is a platform to highlight individuals that are changing narratives by standing in their truth and creating change to combat oppression and uplift marginalized communities.”

Besides Robinson, other distinguished speakers will join the event such as guest of honor City Councilor and former Mayor of Cambridge, E. Denise Simmons, who will provide opening remarks and many more.

“Jonathan L. Allen, J.D., Co-Founder of The Leadership Brainery and District 9 Boston City Council Candidate, is discussing the importance of representation in the political arena, his journey towards city council and why it is imperative to foster unity across cultures and identities,” said Thomas to The Rainbow Times via e-mail. “Julia R. Golden, M.Ed., Associate Dean of Students at MCPHS University, will explore wellness and self-care best practices and how to exercise/implement into our multifaceted lives.”

The symposium will be held on June 19, from 6-9 p.m. at Google, located at 355 Main St. in Cambridge and it is a free event, but pre-registration is required for entry, done via Eventbrite here. The micro-talks will run from 6:30-7:30 p.m., with time for food, beverages, and conversation before and after. According to the event’s website, the 2019 State of QTPOC Affairs is sponsored by The Meeting Point and The Network LA/Red.

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*Excerpts of the story originated from an Endicott’s College press release about the event.

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