Bella Maddo: The novelita

Bella Maddo is a new soap-opera style short film being welcomed throughout the film-festival circuit.

Okay, another day, another short, and so it goes, but this film is not only directed by a trans-woman, it also has trans-children in it. In fact, this film ONLY has trans people in it, and moreover, these performers don’t even play trans people in this film.

The actors are 24/7 trans peeps of all different ages (9 to 76).

The idea of using all trans actors came from director/actress Janice Danielles’ own frustrations with being cast in a narrow niche.

Her tipping point came when she was up for a non-trans role for which a (well-known) director wanted to hire her, but backed down because he thought her trans-history would be too much of “a distraction.”

Performers included in Bella Maddo are Isis King, well known from her participation on America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks, musician Joe Stevens, 9 year old Miss Jazz (she was featured on Barbara
Walters’s 20/20 special) and many other talented [trans] actors.

Bella Maddo is a unique and powerful achievement. It views trans people not as objects of curiosity to exploit, but as individuals who can play any role given the chance.

Janice is expanding the film into an 8-part mini-series.  Future directorial projects for her include a film completely cast with trans children.

When asked about  who her role model is, Janice stated Amanda Simpson (trans-woman appointed to the Obama administration) “Ms. Simpson was appointed based on her knowledge, and she should serve as an example to the entire trans community” said Janice. “The question shouldn’t be ‘what were you,’ but instead WHAT DO YOU DO!”

Synopsis of Bella Maddo
A pregnant sociopath compulsively values thinness over caring for her young daughter and unborn child. This dark-comedy, soap-opera style film is about an aging, vain and selfish mother; the perfect blend of Joan Crawford and Dina Lohan.

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