Living with a Trans-parent : Not easy but what’s the big deal?

cooley dickinson

By: Aidan Harris/Special for TRT-

Today all you hear around school and town is discrimination, “You’re gay!” or “Queer!” When I was five or six my dad vanished from my life, well, not really … My dad transitioned. Bruce Harris became Brianna Harris. At first I was terrified, not because of her choice, but from losing my dad. Shortly after I was told my parents divorced, my mom moved out and left Bri at home. I was scared that I’d have to choose one or the other. But, we worked out a thing where I go to Bri’s on Monday’s and to moms the rest of the week alternating weekends.

Anyway, it took me a while to get used to calling “Dad” Mom, but I fell in step quick. One night at Bri’s I broke down in bed and bawled my eyes out. I was sad about not having my dad anymore. Bri was there and told me no matter how much she changes she’d always be my dad deep down inside.

The next years got better and better, I met lots of different Trans people, went all over the place and had fun. I’d adjusted well to it. We could still do all the stuff we used to do. The next year when I was nine, I went to Northampton Trans Pride, a celebration for recognition for trans men and women. The Pride colors are a rainbow, so I covered my bike wheels with rainbow ribbon. I got a lot of comments on it and had a great time.

Today when I hear “You’re gay” or other stuff like that I get steamed. So what if two men are in love with each other. Why is it used as an insult? Half the kids that say it don’t know what it means! What I don’t get is you never hear, “You’re lesbian!” only gay. Here’s a tip, guys; actually _THINK_ before you act. Every year hundreds of Gay, Trans, Bisexual, and Lesbian people are killed. Many of the trans people murdered were killed just because they were Trans. The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” act for the military prevented gay, trans, and lesbian people from joining the army. Recently that policy was repealed.

Next, I’d like to address all the suicides in schools. Most of the suicides were because the kids were bullied for being or thought to be gay or trans. I, for one, am tired of reading the news and seeing “16 year-old commits suicide from relentless bullying.” We need to do something about it! Discrimination is terrible; kids do it all the time and I’m tired of it! Tell me, what’s wrong with being Gay or trans? Just because they’re different means they should be shunned? Trust me; if everyone on the planet were the same, you’d get really bored. Difference is what makes us who we are! So yeah, you can pick on me, because I have a trans parent, or you can pick on a gay kid, but you can’t stop it! I have a saying, “Closed minds should come with closed mouths” meaning if you’re self-centered you don’t need to express it!

I’m lucky that Bri transitioned when she did. I know a kid, whose dad is now Angel; he’s nine. He doesn’t accept Angel as Angel. His mom hates Angel and gave her kid a cell phone to call if Angel did something bad. He calls her when Angel doesn’t give him what he wants, if she doesn’t cook the right food for him, etc., etc. He’s spoiled; he hates Angel and at least I think his mom has something to do with why he hates her.

I hope you learned something by reading this. You can acknowledge this or you can toss it out the window but just keep in mind, Trans people are human too.


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