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Tornadoes kill at least four, injure dozens, leave path of destruction in Springfield, Mass., Gov. Patrick, Sen. Kerry travel to Springfield to get dame reports

By: Christine Nicco/TRT Reporter SPRINGFIELD, MA—Four people are dead, dozens suffered injuries and the structural damage to downtown Springfield is under way, according to police and eye-witness reports. “I have never seen such devastation,” said Clara García. “All I know is that there are trees down all over the city, the school buildings where my […]

The OutField: GLSEN Sports Project changing the game for good

  By: Dan Woog* Over the past two decades, LGBT educational issues surged into the headlines. Library books, curricula, protection for gay students – all have earned important national attention. One area, though, still seemed off limits: sports. Finally the spotlight has shined on that enormous, important area of school. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight […]

We R Who We R: … and Proud of it!

By: Skip Shefield/TRT Special 2011 was a pride-filled year. Most notably, it was the year that closed the book on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Also, the Obama administration announced its determination that discrimination based on sexual orientation is unconstitutional. On the airwaves, artists Ke$ha and Lady Gaga boldly sang their support for the gay community […]

Deep Inside Hollywood: The Real L Word gets real young

Glee’s Colfer adds Disney Channel to friends list Chris Colfer is no dummy. Clearly, he already knows – just from observing the gay actors that came before him – that to be an out actor can mean a strange, sometimes difficult career, no matter how popular you are on your current weekly TV series. As […]

5th Annual Western Mass Youth Pride Prom

By: Rafael Giza/Special for TRT– HOLYOKE, MA – The 5th Annual Celebration of any event or organization is an important milestone.  This year the 5th Annual Western Mass Youth Pride Prom was no different. This year’s prom was a different kind of prom – a free one, and not just in terms of money, but […]

Matthew Morrison: As Gay As He Gets

By: Chris Azzopardi/TRT Special Glee actor talks queer career, Elton duet and sex in public Matthew Morrison doesn’t mind being the gayest straight man you know. The 32-year-old actor recently called being a member of a gay boy band in the 2003 film Marci X the “gayest thing” he’s done in his career. And that’s saying a lot […]

Sex and the Seedy: Kim Cattrall on her very un-Samantha role & her love of gay men

By: Chris Azzopdardi There’s not much city in Meet Monica Velour, but there’s sex – and a trailer park and a very haggard-looking Kim Cattrall. The Sex and the City actress plays the title character, a washed-up porn star who meets a young fan of hers when the boy travels to rural Indiana to see her at a […]

Stevie Nicks: A Fairy Tale

Stevie Nicks: A Fairy Tale

By: Chris Azzopardi- Rock legend on gays getting her, Glee controversy and first solo album in a decade Ten years have passed since Stevie Nicks released her last solo album, but she’s still the same gay-loved goddess of earthy rock she built her legend on. The new release, In Your Dreams, is exactly how the gypsy queen left […]

To Cook is To Love: A Foodies Journal

By: John Verlinden Spring Cleaning: Getting your food house in order In with the new, out with the old: we wade into overstuffed closets, review what’s been stashed under beds and behind the couch, and venture into dark corners of basements, garages and storage spaces. We’re here to take inventory, take names and take action. […]

The pros and cons of plastic surgery

By: Lorelei Erisis*/TRT Columnist- Lorelei, Can I ask you about plastic surgery? I’m thinking about getting some work done and I have issues with surgically constructed beauty. The concept of having some surgeon cut me open to make me acceptable to view is sickening. I’m hoping that you can put some perspective on the reality […]

Creep of the Week: Let’s look at Teonna Monae Brown & the McDonald’s incident

By: D’Anne Witkowski There are plenty of reasons why Chrissy Lee Polis, a 22-year-old transgender woman should have thought twice about going to McDonald’s on April 18. Pick just about any item off the menu, really. High fat, the empty calories, the boatload of preservatives, the environmental impact of beef production. But one thing she […]

Queeries: Sexting is the official ‘unsafe sex’ of the century

By: Steven Petrow* “My boyfriend wants me to sext him” Q: Many of my friends are sending naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends, and they don’t seem to think twice about it. I’m a competitive gymnast on my high school’s team, and the guy I’ve been dating for a couple of months says he […]

The OutField: Kobe Bryant and the f-word

By: Dan Woog* I’m pretty sure Bennie Adams is straight. So what’s the big deal with Kobe Bryant calling him a “f$#@&%g fa&&ot” during a nationally televised game? After all, that’s common parlance in locker rooms and on basketball courts around the country – not to mention countless school hallways, playgrounds and everywhere else. Precisely. […]

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