Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP) Launches: Addresses Equality & Inclusion in Workplace for Trans Employees

professionaltrans_smNew York, NY,—The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP), was formally dedicated this week, according to ATP Executive Director, Denise Norris and endorsed by a national advisory board of voluntary leaders and allies.

The association is intended primarily to serve people who have, had or will have non-conforming gender expressions/identities and seek to advance their professional careers. The goal of this group is to encourage the networking and mentoring which strengthens careers and promotes the next generation of leaders.

To learn more about the Association of Transgender Professionals and its vision and goals, please visit and view an introductory video on You Tube here:

With respect to gender expression diversity, ATP Executive Director Denise Norris points out that everyone has a Gender Expression: “It is the sum of all the gender attributes onepresents to the world.  It is seen in our mannerisms, our clothing, our partners, our careers and especially our bodies.  However, when gender expression is unclear, or when there are conflicting attributes, one’s gender expression becomes non-conforming in the mind of the observer.  When the non-conforming aspects of gender expression approach the extreme level found in many transgender people, it can lead to harassment, abuse, discrimination and even violence upon that person.”  [pullquote]When the non-conforming aspects of gender expression approach the extreme level found in many transgender people, it can lead to harassment, abuse, discrimination and even violence upon that person.” [/pullquote]

Norris concludes, “ATP’s vision is to create inclusion for Gender Expression for all employees. Our belief is that in the setting of the workplace it should not matter why or how an employee expresses their gender.  What ultimately matters is that the employee can fulfill the duties of the job for which they were hired.”

Start-up Funds to come from the Palette Fund and the Calamus Foundation 

Norris’ announcement is timed with the nonprofit group’s initial funding commitments confirmed by the Palette Fund, which total $10,000 for 2013 and $25,000 for 2014.

The balance of the 2013 funding acquired thus far will be used to develop and deploy the organization’s initial suite of training modules and services, as well as cover general operating expenses.

In addition, the Calamus Foundation has awarded ATP a matching challenge grant in the amount of $25,000.  The Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar any new private or corporate donations made to ATP though the end of 2013.

“We could not be more pleased with these events,” noted Norris.  “This confirms what we all believe: the time is right for an organization to positively transform the workplace for individuals with a diverse gender expression.”

Norris added that the organization continues to pursue funding opportunities with an expectation to meet their initial 2013-2014 funding target of $100,000.  “It is deeply gratifying that socially conscious funders such as the Calamus Foundation and the Palette Fund see what we see, that economic equality based on fair treatment in the workplace is the foundation for social equality.”

Workshop at the Philadelphia Trans* Health Conference 

ATP’s official launch will be at the Philadelphia Trans* Health Conference on June 13th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center where ATP will maintain visible presence throughout the event and is sponsoring a workshop entitled “Trans Employment Law 101 – How To Protect Yourself From Discrimination”  (  Ms Norris as well as the workshop facilitators and ATP legal experts Dr. Jillian T. Weiss and Sara Schnorr, Esq. will be available for media interviews during the conference.

About the Association of Transgender Professionals

The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP) is a not-for-profit organization advocating economic equality and inclusion for people with non-conforming gender expressions and/or identities.  You can also find the Association’s Facebook page here. Its three-fold mission is:

  • To promote inclusion and equality for Gender Expression Diversity in the workplace (Acceptance)
  • To provide professional development services to accelerate the acquisition of workplace skills (Talent)
  • To develop viable employer recruiting channels (Placement)

[From a News Release]

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