Equality, justice and pride in 2011

June 2, 2011
By: Graysen Martínez Ocasio*/TRT Publisher
We proudly present to you our Pride issue. Although Pride Season began in New England on May 7th in Northampton, Massachusetts, June is Pride Month. Within the pages of this edition, you will find coverage of all things Pride in New England.

We were Noho Pride’s proud media sponsor and producer of its 30th Anniversary Guide. The Noho Pride celebration was enjoyed by thousands of attendees. We commend the Noho Pride Board, Directors, Committee and volunteers who did a great job this year!

Through this Pride issue, we also bring you Noho Pride photos (also available through FB in May). On Noho Pride Day, we also brought you several YouTube videos of the Parade & Festival, through TRT’s YouTube channel (http://bit.ly/lzti9O). This new web coverage is the beginning of new things to come.

TRT will provide video and photo coverage of most Boston Pride events.  Can’t make it to Boston Pride? Don’t worry; we’ll try to make you feel a part of it through our coverage!

Boston Pride’s 2011 theme: “Equality. No Less. No More” is of immense importance because the Boston Pride Board, Committee and volunteers put out a tremendous effort to be inclusive across the board. This is no easy task-to fight ’ism’s that permeate our society and own the right to expose them. Boston Pride began such inclusion with its Board, their Committee and their volunteers. But, its work does not end there. You will also see it in the selected performers, headliners, Grand Marshals, and the diverse events to be held during the 10-day week celebration. You can read about Boston Pride’s various events in the Official Boston Pride Guide, inserted in this issue of TRT.

In our efforts to be inclusive, honest and benevolent to all organizations we have supported throughout the years, we have undoubtedly, and as expected, met challenges along the way. At first, we were the new kids on the block and some questioned our abilities to prevail. In other instances, some attempted to sabotage our work. Bullying tactics, unfortunately, can be seen in all settings. The business setting is not the exception. However, we at TRT, refuse to let bullying prevent us from bringing you the best, for we set the bar high.

Our bar is set high because we aim to do our work without letting such negative attempts affect us. We prevail because those who work with us experience such good intentions and honest work. The good faith behind the work that we do is all done for the betterment of our community. Good faith promotes healthy competition, innovative activism and a fair arena for all organizations to prosper. After all, healthy competition is the “American way.” We believe in it-no tricks, no division. Those in the business of creating awareness and social justice through media, or otherwise, should not be divisive. Any organization that encourages division engages in the obliteration of others and our community progress as a whole. This happened this year and it has been unfortunate. To quote Lady Gaga: “Equality cannot be reached if it is fought for in a divisive way.”

*Graysen Martínez Ocasio is the co-founder, co-owner and Publisher of The Rainbow Times. He is a published writer and holds an MBA degree from Marylhurst University and a journalism degree from Temple University. He has been in the journalism and publishing field for 20 years. You can reach him at: publisher@therainbowtimesnews.com.

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