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By: Jorge Treviano/TRT Special

If Housewives of NY’s queen of luxury Sonja Morgan were a gay travel agent, she would be Dane Steele Green.

Green’s travel tour company, Steele Luxury Travel, specializes in meeting the needs of a high end, fabulously gay clientele. He says vacations should be intriguing, inspirational, educational and most of all, indulgent.

His trips are tailored with the gay traveler in mind. Steele’s most popular summer travel experience, The Mykonos Island Villa Escape, features a sea-front villa with live-in chefs, a cleaning staff, and two gorgeous house boys.

Note to Sonja: don’t allow The Countess to plan your next trip abroad. Call Dane. He’ll give you the extravagantly first class vacation you deserve.

The Rainbow Times caught up with Mr. Green to discuss Steele Luxury Travel and what makes this handsome young entrepreneur tick …

Q. Where are the hot gay destinations this fall?
A. Aside from the staples – Rio, Mykonos, Ibiza and Barcelona – gay men are flocking to more obscure destinations around the globe, including South Africa,  Courchevel (for winter snowboarding), and Asian cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Q. What destination tops your list?
A. Thailand is full of energy, culture and delicious food.

Q. There is a trend in destinations defining themselves as gay-friendly. 
A. The gay dollar is powerful. During this economic crisis, the gay travel sector is the only one that has remained constant in the industry. Cities would be foolish not to open their doors to us.

Q. Tell us your travel philosophy.
A. Our company’s slogan is Live Your Indulgence. When travelling abroad, explore the land the way you like.  If you want to taste every type of gelato in Italy, do it. If you want to visit every bathhouse around the world, indulge yourself. It’s your time to be free and leave all of life’s stresses behind.

Q. How did you get into travel?
A. Travel has always been my passion. I worked for several airlines and tour companies before launching my own company.

Q. DNA Magazine called you “the luckiest gay bastard.” 
A. My most recent “Oh my God, look where I am” moment was at the Life Ball in Vienna. I was inside the most beautiful palace and I literally got a sense of what heaven must be like.

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