How to plan for your wedding, that special day when love trumps it all

cooley dickinson
February 3, 2011
By: Joe Siegel/TRT Reporter
Same-sex couples looking to spend a lifetime together want to make their wedding as special as possible. There are a lot of components which go into making the event a success: the location, the date, the guest list, the food, the flowers, and the music.

In addition, there are also the invitations, the wedding attire, the rings, hotel accommodations, and of course, the honeymoon to plan as well.
Who can assist you and your spouse to create the perfect wedding?

One resource is, a firm which provides products and information networking to same-sex couples who seek to affirm their life-long commitments to each other through commitment ceremonies, civil unions, domestic partnerships, civil marriage and other alternative weddings.

The site offers a list of LGBT-friendly vendors, including those specializing in cakes, catering, event rentals, flowers and décor, photography, and transportation.

There are also Wedding Checklists, including “Ten Things To Do Before Saying I Do.”

One of the top priorities is working out a budget for the event which is within your financial range. “In the U.S., weddings cost $26,000-$30,000 on average, it’s critical to measure one’s finances against anticipated expenses. It’s possible to host a wedding for less and easier than you can imagine to host one for more. Before you begin, think about your finances and how much you and your partner can afford and whether or not you’ll be asking parents to chip in,” according to the site.

Another important task is to book your ceremony and reception site early. “Don’t make the mistake of announcing your wedding date until you have a contract in hand for your ceremony and reception. You may find that you’ll need to pick a date based on the availability of your dream venue. And, don’t be surprised if you find that you [have] to book a space nine months or more in advance of a date if you are picking a popular time of year or a popular venue.”

Other tips to make your wedding successful are to attend other weddings – straight and gay, to get some ideas, as well as to reach out to others who have already had their weddings, so they can give you some advice.

However, you also have the freedom to put your own personal stamp on your wedding. This day is about you, so feel free to use your own ideas  on how to make the event a special one.

The site says: “Borrow from the traditional rituals that have significance for you. Add elements that speak to you and your community. Above all: be yourself and be present and the rest will follow.”

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