Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank you for running your recent story regarding my case in Florida. The same afternoon I gave an interview to WJHG NBC in Panama City, Florida and when it aired several days later I found it not only brief but dealt mainly with the issue of my gender status. Many comments to the station have clearly proven beyond a doubt that ignorance and discrimination are so ingrained that is the only topic anyone wishes to cover.

Your story was positive and shows your support of the Trans Community around the world. I am grateful for the support you and your readers have shown.

As a historical figure in the Transgender Community I am optioning my autobiography in a book titled “Bound Between Love and the first historical transgender biography feature film for theatres around the world is already in the process with a screenplay by Monica Sun @ Shadow Majic Films/20th Century Fox. Both are slated for a 2013 release. For more information your readers can visit my site: http://bit.ly/tzqGlV. I am now giving personal interviews.

Once again thanks. As a long time follower of the Rainbow Times I am well aware of your integrity.

Warm Regards,
Erica Kay, Author/Transgender Activist

Dear Editor,

Mr. Chuck Colbert’s report of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill was exceptional and very in-depth. I was grateful to have been able to have it to refer to who voted, how the vote went, what is still missing and who to support or not during election time. I commend you all for taking the time to inform and educate the GLBT community, especially those of us in the LGB about trans rights and milestones. AND, I liked the reactions to the passage too!

— Randy Martins, Springfield, MA

Dear Editor,

Although I liked reading the “Best of TRT” I also thought that it should have had a few lines of text for each story highlighted by your staff. In that way, it would’ve been simpler to follow. Just my two cents.

–Robert Richardson, Somerville, MA

Dear Editor,

It’s great to see that the Times has stories about Boston Pride in almost each edition. And, I just found out that online, via FB, you also have a ton of photos from all of the Prides and events happening in this part of the state. The photos were great and I wish I’d seen them in the issue when they came out, but I missed them somehow. Thanks for having them online and accessible.

–Savanah Oquendo, Boston, MA

Dear Editor,

I went to the Pride & Joy reopening and you captured in your story all that happened there that evening. I was so pumped to see District Attorney Dave Sullivan and Mayor Dave Narkewicz! It was good press for the store and we plan to support it too. The new owners were pleasant and tasteful in their choice of merchandise. I didn’t see many of my gay friends, but I imagine they’ll be supporting you too.

–Ryan Lawrence, Easthampton, MA

Dear Editor,

Su contenido en español para la comunidad hispana GLBT está fabuloso. Me gusta la columna del Sr. Labiosa y la de Lambda Legal. Sé que la publicadora es hispana y que escribe para el periódico, aunque me gustaría que escribiera más. Por favor déjele saber. ¡Gracias!

–Viviana Maldonado, Hartford, CT

Dear Editor,

I can’t wait to see the TRT Heroes in the Calendar because you did a great job at including the community in it through most, if not all (please forgive me if I’m not so informed about all of it), of what seems to have been a long and well-thought Project. Yey!! Miss Kitty Litter from RI, just where I am, won the Hero of the Year!!! Yey!! I’m so excited and was very impressed by how diverse racially, ethnically, gender and sexually (in terms of sexual orientation) the candidates were. To have the proceeds go to other organizations says much about your care for us and I didn’t want the old year to go by and the New Year to get here without sending you this letter. Thank you!

–Kimberly LeBeau, Providence, RI

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for following the TRT Heroes project, which started in November, 2010. It was an idea that the Publisher and I had about trying to combat the negativity that many of mainstream America has with regards to our LGBT community. Often members of our community are not recognized for their outstanding service to help further and attain LGBT rights and equality across the board. As such, the TRT Heroes deserve accolades for their selfless actions.

In developing this idea, we also thought that perhaps relating to the TRT Heroes and their stories each month, our youth could look at a brighter future for them, for it is possible. We have lost so many due to harassment and bullying and we believe that if they had more role models, they could see that it is possible to be gay and make it in life. Thank you for your comments. We deeply appreciate them.

–The Editor


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