OUT MetroWest Receives $20,000 Grant from Middlesex Foundation


By: Christine Nicco/TRT Reporter—

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—OUT MetroWest, an organization dedicated to supporting the health and emotional well-being of GLBTQ teens in Boston MetroWest, was recently awarded $20,000 by the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation to assist with its expanding programs and staff.

“We are honored to receive this investment in our growing program,” said Jack Lewis, executive director of OUT MetroWest. “This is the largest gift we have received from a single source, and we are excited for what this means for our life-enhancing, life-saving programs.”

According to Lewis, such a contribution has allowed the youth-based initiative to hire the organization’s second full-time staff person, Julie Blazar, Director of Programs and Communications.

“[Blazar] is responsible for overseeing our current programs while working to respond to requests for additional ones,” Lewis added.

“We are grateful to the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation for their focus on the evolving needs of MetroWest residents,” notes Blazar. “The Foundation’s commitment to the local community is helping us to deliver services where they are needed most.”

Just next month, the organization will expand its middle school program by adding an additional monthly meeting in Newton to its staple Framingham one.

“We are committed to continuing to meet the expanding needs of the youth we serve and are in regular discussion around the need for additional support for high school youth, in addition to underserved young adults,” Lewis said.

According to a recent release by OUT MetroWest, the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in grants to over 200 non-profit organizations providing vital supports through the community.

“The Foundation seeks to fund efforts which address an underserved need,” explains Dana Neshe, President of the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation, via the release. “We are very pleased to be able to support OUT MetroWest and the programs that it offers in our communities. These services provide a community of caring as well as much needed support to the young adults served.”

OUT MetroWest currently runs three youth programs, totaling seven meetings each month in Framingham and Wellesley, and a new program to launch on February 24th in Newton.

“We appreciate support from all of our donors,” said Lewis. “This generous gift from the Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation is a testimony both to the work we do in the community but also the Foundation’s commitment to inclusiveness and diversity.”

To learn more about OUT MetroWest, visit www.outmetrowest.org or contact Jack Lewis by email at info@outmetrowest.org or call 508.875.2122.

About OUT MetroWest

OUT MetroWest provides supportive and educational programs for middle and high school youth across MetroWest Boston. In addition to running youth meetings, the non-profit also educates the larger community on issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity while advocating for greater acceptance in schools and the community at large.

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