We Have the Power

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January 13, 2011
By: By Echo Brooks/ TRT online columnist

According to many religious groups, the gays and lesbians have the ability to annoy the gods to such an extent that they would consider sacrificing unmentionable numbers of innocent people in a variety of ways to show their distaste of our existence.  Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami, the Israeli earthquakes, and the Haiti earthquake have all been blamed on the gay community.  Hurricane Katrina was a result of a homosexual parade to be held on that Monday.  The tsunami was God’s micro managed style warning of our impending doom. The earthquake in Haiti, an obvious result of “the highlighting of homosexuals and homosexuality on an unwilling military.” And the Israeli earthquakes, summed up nicely by Shlomo Benizri, an MP of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas party “God says, you shake your genitals where you are not supposed to, and I will shake my world in order to wake you up.” The Vatican also commonly uses homosexuality as a defense for the unmentionable crimes some of the catholic priests are committing on our children.

Aside from natural disasters, the gay community has also been used as a scapegoat for political loss and poor governing.  We, as a community have single handedly caused the health crisis in this country as the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the conservative Christian group the American Family Association says, “If anybody should be obligated to pony up funds to mitigate a health crisis, it ought to be the organizations that are responsible for advocating the very behavior that created and perpetuates the epidemic.”  And don’t forget the LGBT community is also responsible for poor voting turnouts upsetting democratic elections.

Blame has been placed on us for the BP oil spill; a direct result of the lack of morality due to America’s growing acceptance of gays, for the Srebrenica massacre due to low morale caused by the presence of gay soldiers within the Dutch ranks.  Don’t forget, the gays — not Julian Assange — are responsible for the thousands of government documents released by Assange’s WikiLeaks. And if that doesn’t make you bewildered enough, Pat Robertson and Jerry Farwell agree that “the ACLU… the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays, and the lesbians” were responsible for the 9/11 attack.”  At least we weren’t alone in that one.

Gays and lesbians have long since been targeted as the group to blame for things that cannot be explained or as a way to redirect blame from the true offender. Some days I want to laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all but it really isn’t a laughing matter.  Thankfully most people can see through the nonsensical words spewed by the hate spreaders and take them with a grain of salt.  In fact, I feel quite empowered by it.  It never ceases to amaze me how much power the LGBT community has.

Echo resides in northern New Jersey with her wife and the two youngest of their five children. You can visit her blog at dysphoricallyspeaking.blogspot.comor send comments and questions to dysphoricallyspeaking@gmail.com