What’s the Matter? Ron Perkov Sets the Matter Straight

By: Drew Lapinsky

Ron Perkov has performed alongside the likes Dionne Warwick, Jennifer Holiday and Bernadette PetersHe also starred in the Lincoln Center Production of Mack & Mabel.   Today, however, the five-time Billboard charting artist performs more dance floors than stage doors.

His self-penned songs all follow what has become a winning recipe for Ron, with a hidden life message behind thunderous beats. It’s an influence from his theatre past; enthusiastically embraced by some of the biggest names in dance. Tony Moran, Victor Calderone, Manny Lehman, and David Knapp, have all remixed his songs. Last year’s “Miss You” was his biggest smash to date, landing at the top of Billboard and breaking into UK charts.

This month, Perkov releases a new dance track, co-produced by his longtime collaborator, Mike Lorello. “It Doesn’t Matter” speaks against discrimination, especially racial and sexual discrimination that remains prevalent all over the world. The song urges listeners to appreciate our differences and celebrate diversity. With remixes by Mike Cruz, Mickey Friedman and Twisted Dee, “It Doesn’t Matter” is sure to follow the path paved by Perkov’s past hits.

Drew Lipinsky: What was the inspiration behind “It Doesn’t Matter?”
Ron Perkov: The inspiration came from realizing that too many people remain close minded about things that are out of the norm for them.

DL: Are you referring to Prop 8?
RP: Sure, that’s part of what the song refers to. It’s important that gay men enjoy the same benefits as heterosexuals.

DL: If Prop 8 is only part of the song, what other forms of discrimination are you tackling?
RP: The song is ultimately about the rampant bigotry and discrimination that continues to plague the world. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you love or what you wear. Remember that life is about learning. We learn from all walks of life.

DL: So you don’t really believe that nothing matters?
RP: Not at all. Everything matters! It matters that we accept people and learn from them and get along. It matters that we at least try to be the best we can be and that we appreciate our differences.

DL: Does the economy matter?
RP: Hell yes, the economy matters. For those that are struggling, and weall are – anyone that says they aren’t is lying – take one day at a time and work hard to pay your bills.  How wonderful would it be to have no debt?  Can you imagine?

DL: Are we wasting time sweating the small stuff?
RP: We all have to be a bit more conscious in how we handle our lives because if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will.

DL: You recently married your long-time partner.
RP: Yes!  The ceremony took place in Boston. It was small with only our closest friends and family.

DL: Was it important to publicly declare your union?
RP: We are completely different men now because of our wedding. I can honestly say that I feel more than happy. I feel settled in life because of our nuptials.

DL: In the song, you sing that race doesn’t matter.  Have you ever dated across the color line?
RP: My other half is Afro-American. It never mattered to me what color my partner was. What mattered was that he is a good, decent person, which he is.

DL: Have you encountered any racism as a couple?
RP: The world is changing in regard to color, but sure the old world way of thinking still exists. I believe it will die out eventually but it will be some time.

DL: How has having a black president impacted the color line?
RP: America is wonderfully becoming more liberal. Electing a black president proved to me that anyone can be whatever they wish to be. I find it funny that whenever I tour outside of the USA, foreign fans always say the same thing about our having a non-white President: “it’s about time.”

DL: Can we expect a full length album, Ron?
RP: Yes, a full length album is almost done.  It is a chill-out album, recorded live earlier this year at my show at New York City’s Joe’s Pub. Mike Lorello (co-producer of “It Doesn’t Matter”) and I are producing it together.  The music is wonderful.

DL: As wonderful as last winter’s “Intimate Chill-Out” album?
RP: If you enjoyed my “Intimate Chill-Out” album, you are really going to love this one.

For more information on this story and Ron’s album visit: RonPerkov.com

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