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Treat Them like Family

By Echo Brooks/ TRT Online Columnist- I recently watched a video of an elderly straight couple speaking on the topic of marriage equality. It goes without saying that most people are in awe when someone from our senior community takes a stand for gay rights. It is a known fact that the generations before us […]

Marriage Doesn’t Make a Family

By Echo Brooks/TRT Online Columnist- Zach Wahls, a nineteen year old man raised by a committed lesbian couple, took a stand before the Iowa State House of Representatives who was proposing a bill to ban same sex marriage and abolish the recognition of civil unions. In a confident eloquent demeanor, this young man spoke of […]

TRT Exclusive:The Real L Word’s Tracy Ryerson & Stamie Karakasidis speak out

By: Clara Lefton/TRT Reporter The Real L Word co-stars Tracy Ryerson & Stamie Karakasidis took their relationship on-screen last January through April for Ilene Chaiken’s latest production. The couple became an instant hit with viewers and Tracy was recently named SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year. Despite the show’s success, the couple felt it was too difficult […]

The OutField: Kye Allums is trans; world does not end

The most newsworthy part of college basketball player Kye Allums’ coming out story as the first openly transgender man to play on an NCCA Division I women’s basketball team may be how little attention the news story drew. Beyond brief, matter-of-fact articles in the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today, and on websites like The Huffington Post, reaction […]

Deep Inside Hollywood

Chris Colfer strikes with Lightning Actors’ shelf-lives can be short, so it’s never wrong to take advantage of any window of career heat. That’s the wisdom Glee cast member and recent Golden Globe-winner Chris Colfer is living by these days; he’s all set to make his first film, a comedy titled Struck by Lightning. And by “his,” that […]

To Cook is to Love: A Foodies Journal

By: John Verlinden Foreplay begins in the kitchen – a primer on aphrodisiacs. Valentine’s Day, 2010 – for two weeks you planned – fine wine, a light dinner … then, well you know what you wanted then. Things started so well; dinner was a big hit. But, when you dimmed the lights and leaned into […]

Creep of the Week: Let’s talk about Gordon Klingenschmitt and Gay exoscisms

You know what gay people need? Exorcisms. It’s the only way to get rid of the gay-making demon lurking in the homosexual soul. And who better to do that exorcism than Gordon Klingenschmitt, an ex-Navy chaplain, booted out of the military for insubordination? After all, he has a great track record, according to himself. “As […]

Book Marks: The best LGBTQ stories from all over the world

I’m from Driftwood: True Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Stories from All Over the World, edited by Nathan Manske. IFD, 168 pages, $15 paper. There is profound eloquence in this first-person collection of childhood stories – first crushes, loves realized, family reactions and more – gathered by editor Manske both in the course of […]