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True Colors XVIII Conference: Empowering and educating queer youth

True Colors XVIII Conference: Empowering and educating queer youth

By: Joe Siegel/TRT Reporter– More than 2,500 LGBTQ youth and their allies will gather at the University of Connecticut on March 11 and 12 for the True Colors XVIII Conference. The two-day event will feature speakers and over 125 workshops concerning issues regarding LGBTQ youth. True Colors was founded in 1992 by Executive Director Robin […]

Deep Inside Hollywood: Lee Daniels has his eyes on Bradley Cooper

Lee Daniels eyes Bradley Cooper What movie will Lee Daniels (Precious) make next? It seems like he has a new potential project every few weeks. Will it be Selma like we keep hearing? The Butler? That remake of Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria? Well, the answer is maybe “none of the above” if The Paperboy happens. Based on Pete Dexter’s 1995 novel, […]

Creep of the Week: Scott Lively, the author of a book that claims the Nazis were all gay

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in Uganda lately, but you should know that it’s really, really bad for gays there. Like, get-murdered-with-a-hammer bad. Gay rights advocate David Kato was killed last month after his photo appeared on the cover of Ugandan tabloid “Rolling Stone” (not to be […]

Imperial Court Queen Mother: Empress Nicole

By: Joe Siegel/TRT Reporter Queen Mother of the Americas – Empress Nicole the Great is at the very top of the Imperial Court system. Empress Nicole is the Court’s Executive Director and International Spokesperson. “I’m excited in being involved in taking the court system to the next level,” said Empress Nicole, aka Nicole Murray-Ramirez, a […]

Life After A-List: Reichen Lehmkuhl candidly talks reality TV regrets, DADT and copycats

By: Chris Azzopardi Some people had a hard time sitting through The A-List: New York, Logo’s tawdry teledoc about a gay gaggle that got eye-roll reactions from viewers who couldn’t completely look away. Imagine starring in it. Reichen Lehmkuhl, who became the show’s punching bag for nasty names, looks back with regret that you didn’t see […]

Alliances in School

By Echo Brooks/TRT Online Columnist- Gay straight alliances are typically student based programs within school systems that provide meeting places, ideas, support and events that provide all students a safe place to learn regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  These groups are not just a safe haven for LBGTQ kids; they are implemented […]

The buying power of LGBT individuals is expected to hit $800 billion in 2011

By: Jenn Tracz*/CABO’s Executive Director- Using CABO as an everyday resource Each month when I sit down to write my column I am always drawn to the multitude of benefits CABO has to offer the businessperson. However, this month I’d like to focus on the many benefits CABO can offer you, the everyday consumer. The […]

To Cook is To Love: A Foodies Journal, going to St. Patty’s is a must!

By: John Verlinden*/TRT Cuisine Writer- Green is Good! Everyone’s going green these days. Concerns for our planet’s health have motivated us to recycle more and waste less, to conserve our precious resources and reduce our carbon footprints. Government, businesses and organizations are all involved; we have new environmental policies, new earth friendly products and new […]

Faith, Family, and God: Women driven out by male power hunger and insecurities

By Paul P. Jesep*/TRT Columnist- Power and control are some of the most socially, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually corrupting forces since human existence. These twin evils have been especially used by men to repress women. In doing so, everyone has been denied the guidance, benefits, and contributions of women as religious leaders and spiritual teachers. […]

Mi serenata LGBT cubana y el entendimiento cubano de nuestra comunidad

By: Wilfred Labiosa*/Columnista de TRT- Regreso a Cuba, esta vez no sólo para trabajar en situaciones humanitarias pero también para aprender y compartir más con la comunidad LGBT.  Esta vez me uno al grupo del CENESEX llamado Grupo HxD (Hombres por La Diversidad) y sus facilitadores. Además regreso para saborear mi “serenata cubana” compuesta de […]

Ask a Transwoman: The search for understanding, Part I of II

By: Lorelei Erisis*/TRT Columnist- I have (a question) that I am asked all the time by straight and gay people. “I have read and heard that transgender people are confused. That many like Chaz Bono first thought he was a lesbian and now he is transgender. Isn’t there a risk that a transgender person may […]

Voices of youth: Shaping our struggle for GLBTQ liberation

By: Jason Lydon/TRT Columnist- I must say that the past few weeks have made it very difficult to focus on any one thing. There are revolutions happening globally in ways we have not seen in generations. The uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the growing campaigns in Jordan, Syria, Algeria, and elsewhere are all part […]

Trans man’s view: A Singular (Trans) Experience

By: Tynan Power/TRT Reporter & Columnist- In the last issue of The Rainbow Times, local activist Bet Power suggested that it might be time for the paper to add a column by a trans man–a female-to-male (FTM) transgender person. As he pointed out, there are two columns written by trans women-male-to-female (MTF) transgender people but the […]

TRT HEROES: Pioneering Heroes for a whole town, Polly Bixby and Karen Grzesik

By: Tynan Power/TRT Reporter– Polly Bixby and Karen Grzesik didn’t set out to become pioneers in the Massachusetts schools. When the two gym teachers helped establish one of the state’s first Gay Straight Alliances, they followed the lead of determined students at Ralph C. Mahar Regional School. Yet they brought convictions born of their own […]


“Desperately Seeking Sex Online” Q: I need a bit of advice on my sex life. I’m 24 and my main goal at the moment is to have fun and sleep around. I’m not bad looking but I’m no model. Here’s the problem: Ever since I came out eight years ago, I feel like an oddball […]

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