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Creep of the Week: Roberto Arango, caught off guard and without his trousers

Creep of the Week: Roberto Arango, caught off guard and without his trousers

By: D’Anne Witkowski* I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sen. Roberto Arango on his weight loss. I realize that, right now, Arango is in the international spotlight for “sexier” things, namely posting nude photos of himself to the gay meet-up app Grindr, but what’s being lost in all the hysteria is that […]

First Class All the Gay

By: Jorge Treviano/TRT Special If Housewives of NY’s queen of luxury Sonja Morgan were a gay travel agent, she would be Dane Steele Green. Green’s travel tour company, Steele Luxury Travel, specializes in meeting the needs of a high end, fabulously gay clientele. He says vacations should be intriguing, inspirational, educational and most of all, […]

One (Gay) Day with Anne Hathaway

Actress talks gay ‘pod,’ Catwoman role and N.Y. marriage stories By: Chris Azzopardi/TRT Special Gays adore Anne Hathaway for more than her sweetheart sensibility and frumpy-to-fashionable underdog role in The Devil Wears Prada. She’s practically an honorary member of the community, contributing to the “It Gets Better” project, receiving an award from the Human Rights […]

Deep Inside Hollywood: Elton John, Glee and The Young Carrie Bradshaw Chronicles

Elton John ditches gnomes for trolls Elton John’s movie producing arm, Rocket Pictures, scored a solid hit with this spring’s Gnomeo & Juliet, an animated reworking of Romeo and Juliet featuring talking, singing garden gnomes. Filled to the brim with John’s classic hit singles, the film made almost $200 million worldwide. And because it’s a short leap from […]

Taking a thrilling and adventurous visit to one of the last old-guard BDSM houses in the world

By: Lorelei Erisis/TRT Columnist- By now, many of you have either met me in person or encountered my ubiquitous online presence. If you haven’t, rest assured, you soon will. I do get around some! One of the questions I get when out and about and handing my card to folks is this: “So, Lorelei, I […]

Sylvia Rivera: ¡Una mujer activista para la historia!

Por: Wilfred Labiosa*/TRT Latin Vision Columnist- Nuestros padres y abuelos siempre hablan de la historia y de los “buenos tiempos”.  Ya que vamos a celebrar el 8to Festival de Orgullo Latino en Massachusetts, la más vieja y larga celebración en su índole en esta Nación, quise buscar alguien LGBT de esos “buenos tiempos”.   De los […]

Bringing transgender talk into school

By: Tynan Power/TRT Columnist* Even though I’ve been out of school for years, the school session still governs my calendar. This year, as school begins, both of my two sons head to college and my partner prepares to start another year of teaching. My sons’ minds are consumed with the excitement of new classes and […]

Éxito LGBT en Cuba se debe a CENESEX y Mariela Castro Espín

Por: Camilo García- [Transexual se casa con hombre gay el día del cumpleaños de Fidel Castro]Gran revuelo ha causado en la prensa internacional, alrededor del 13 de agosto, la boda entre Wendy e Ignacio, supuestamente “la primera boda gay” en Cuba, en la que ella es una transexual operada con cambio de identidad-o sea, legalmente […]