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Boston-based, The Rainbow Times is a minority owned publication–half Hispanic, 100% gay. As a New England LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) newspaper founded in 2006–The Rainbow Times is a liaison that increases awareness of LGBT issues and serves as a vehicle to unify and strengthen the communities throughout the New England region while providing quality news to its diverse readers. ISSN 2169-6136 (online)  and ISSN 2169-6128 (print).


TRT has a team of experienced and professional members of the newspaper industry with over 20 years of publishing and journalism experience. Our team strives to bring you the much needed, desired and hottest news topics to the prevalent LGBT community in our areas of coverage. TRT proudly offers the most comprehensive Transgender coverage than that of any other LGBT newspaper in the region. Additionally, TRT is bilingual and publishes a full page in Spanish, Latin Vision, for its LGBT Spanish-speaking readers.

Spanish LGBT

Visión Latina reaches LGBT Hispanic readers online too! Statistic from a recent independent research show that  TRT is the most read LGBT newspaper by Hispanic LGBTs. Its management is composed of professionals who have experience targeting both, the LGBT mainstream and Hispanic markets.

TRT Talk Radio

TRT’s Monthly Podcast, TRT Talk Radio, has its own website and is available via iTunes too. The weekly show focuses on LGBT issues (transgender, marriage equality, youth homelessness and organizations available to help, politics, events’ coverage, etc.) TRT Talk Radio is mobile, you download it and listen to it wherever you are! Need you get your message out now? Want to sponsor one of the shows or advertise? TRT Talk Radio has advertising spots for all budgets!

Social Media Network

TRT’s social media network has the strongest following than any other LGBT publication in the region. TRT reaches over 35K e-readers via FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn Editor, FourSquare, Issuu, and its monthly e-newsletter “The Pony Express.” Your message is sure to reach others when you use TRT for online/digital advertising! You can always reach our advertising department via [email protected] or by calling 617-444-9618.


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