Our Team

The Rainbow Times’ team has worked diligently to bring you the freshest and best LGBTQ news in New England since 2006. Our Award Winning team represents a diverse group of individuals that bring a wide spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds to report on LGBTQ trends, politics, entertainment, local news and more. We pride ourselves in our LGBTQ coverage and have the largest social media than that of any other LGBTQ publication in New England. To learn more about each of our team members, please follow the links below.

Gricel Martinez Ocasio, Publisher

Nicole Lashomb, Editor-in-Chief

Sara Brown, Assistant Editor & Reporter

Alex Mancini, Lead Photographer

Chuck Colbert, Reporter

Al Gentile, Reporter

Christine Nicco, Reporter

Lorelei Erisis, Columnist 

Paul Jesep, Columnist

John Verlinden, Columnist 

Deja Nicole Greenlaw, Columnist

Mike Givens, Columnist

Liz Johnson, Ad Director


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