Creep of the Week: “Reverend” William Owens & His Judgment of Gays, Pres. Obama

Rev. William Owens, a judgmental "pastor" hating in God's name.

Rev. William Owens, a judgmental “pastor” hating in God’s name. Photo by from 

By: D’Anne Witkowski*/Special to TRT–

Can we just get one thing clear? If you’re black and Christian then the thought of same-sex couples makes you puke and if it doesn’t then you are a “Judas” and/or not really black and/or not really Christian.

Black vs. Christian

Barack Obama, that means you. At least it does to William Owens, the leader of the Coalition of African-American Pastors. Owens, who according to a recent Huffington Post article lied about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, is pretty pissed with Obama because of the whole marriage equality issue.

Gays go “to hell”

In an Aug. 15 interview with right-wing radio darling Janet Mefferd, Owens lamented that Obama had basically flipped off African Americans by not telling gay people to go to hell. Like a real Christian would, obviously.

“He’ll take up the cause of the Latinos, he’ll take up the cause of the homosexuals, but it’s like the African Americans don’t exist,” Owens lamented, pointing out that Obama likes everyone except for black people which I guess means he’s racist against himself. “And he said, ‘I’m not the president of the African Americans, I’m the president of America.’ What if the white leaders who were in office when the civil rights bill had passed, what if they had said that, ‘We’re the politicians for the white community’? We wouldn’t have gotten a right to vote, we wouldn’t have gotten the rights we enjoy today.”

Hatred in the name of God

Got that? Because Obama said that he was a president for all Americans, not just the black ones, it’s the same thing as a white politician saying he or she is only a leader for white Americans and if a white version of Obama had been in charge nearly five decades ago then forget about civil rights.

If Owens’s logic doesn’t hurt your brain then you don’t have one. Though I would like to point out that if we follow this logic then we can definitely forget about the black version of Obama ever becoming president, which would make Owens pretty happy since he has vowed that he and the CAAP are going “to take him on even more” now that Obama loves the gays (and, remember, “loves the gays” is synonymous with “hates the blacks”).

When Mefferd remarks that gay activists seem to “lack of fear of God” Owens concurs.

“I would say that’s the case,” he says. “It’s like waving your thing in God’s face and saying, ‘You don’t matter.’ That’s exactly what I think.”

Waving your “thing”

Okay, wait, supporting gay rights is like waving your penis in God’s face? Is that what he means by “thing”? Because if you ask the majority of Americans, gay or straight, what “waving your thing” means, they’re going to think penis.

And why is this marriage business such a BFD to Owens? Because civilization and family and God and blah blah blah… And, of course, for the children. Because Owens cannot wrap his brain around same-sex parents.

Gays can’t be parents

Owens says, “How can a man and a man be a parent to a child? By their nature, they cannot. How can a woman and a woman? My little boy takes both of us, he takes the love and tenderness of a mother and he takes the love and whatever the dad gives he needs that, too. So to do different is disloyal, it’s not honorable to the child. We cannot say a marriage is right between the same sex.”

This is coming from a guy who has claimed that “Homosexuality spreads because somebody [sexually] abused children” and said there’s no difference between a same-sex couple marrying and “a man deciding he wants to have sex with a dog.” Yeah, this guy is all about being honorable. If he despises Obama, I’ll take that as a sign that the president is doing something right.

*D’Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She’s a freelance writer and poet (believe it!). When she’s not taking on the creeps of the world she reviews rock ‘n’ roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister.

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  1. sherry burns | October 15, 2012 at 9:00 am |

    You go girl. I was just looking for something else & found this Owens article. Made me laugh out loud a couple times. Have not heard that dog idea since Anita Bryant! I grew up in a church almost this bad & I guarantee u
    …nothing but behind-the-scenes-sleazery all around. A few months ago that theme at that church .. it just flooded my mind like I don’t know what. I got a notebook & pen and started remembering one awful thing after another…it finally hit me in the last week..”HARPER
    VALLEY PTA”!!! OMG ! I WAS SO BLIND! That song was out when I was growing up there & IT FIT EXACTLY!!
    Someone told my mom “well I guess Sherry could be a Christian, but she sure wears short skirts…” It really hurt her feelings…but I made this list recently of all kinds of creepy crap that went on there…& all those adults got away with it or it got slightly covered up…I promise u every church that’s against gays is very male dominated and no 14 yr old girl is safe there!!! I must write a book @ that place someday. Thanks for listening!

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