The Election Results: From the Publisher’s Desk, Nationwide Twitter Backlash

impeachmentDonald Trump; Photo: Gage Skidmore

The protests and evidence of disastrous abuse by Trump supporters following the Election Results

By: Graysen M. Ocasio*/TRT Publisher—

” … I Could Say So Much …” Words escape me because I feel violated, devalued, sad, angry—a mix of emotions that I shouldn’t feel because I am an American. I’ve always been an American, for those of you (haters) who are reading this column. I am also Latinx. Because of this election, I will always wonder about who voted for Trump. I must say that since this happened, I saw that the numbers of hypocrites who are racist, sexist and homophobes (to mention just a few of their “traits”) grow, or show up in numbers that I couldn’t believe.

Where I live, I came across a white southern neighbor who’d said to me before that she supported Trump. I said to her, before I was aware that there were protests happening in the country, “I bet you’re happy today (it was yesterday)!” She said, without even looking at me, “I am happy for life and I am happy for America.” There wasn’t a smile, nor a cordial gesture on her face. She left the building after that. I asked myself, how will I know? I won’t know now who is a bigot, a sexist, a pu$sy grabber, a xenophobe, a white supremacist. I won’t know who is carrying a gun and may just shoot me because I am not Caucasian. I won’t know and I feel unsafe because of it. From the moment Trump “won,” those who voted for him were given the green light to hurt, insult, and murder those who are not Caucasian. The thoughts flood my brain.

Trump. Insults. Trump. Devastation. Trump. Racism. Trump. Sexual Assault. Trump. Immigration. Trump. #BlackLivesMatter. Trump. Women Rights. Trump. Equality. Trump. Arrogance. Trump. Xenophobia. Trump. Islamophobia. Trump. Scared Children. Trump. Homophobia. Trump. Non-Transparency. Trump. LGBTQ Rights. Trump. Misogyny. Trump. Anti-Mexicans. Trump. Liar. Trump. Slut Walk. Trump. Abuse. Trump. Twitter. Trump. Danger.

Trump. Anti-Semite. Trump. KKK. Trump. Anger. Trump. Russia’s Puppet. Trump. Power. Trump. Anti-Minorities. Trump. Pro-Hate. Trump. Divisive. Trump. Insulting. Trump. Roe v. Wade. Trump. Denigrating. Trump. Childish. Trump. Hackers. Trump. Rich v. Poor. Trump. Dow Jones. Trump. Trump. Trump. Florida. Trump. GOP. Trump. Con Artist. Trump. Privilege. Trump. Poverty. Trump. User. Trump. Manipulator. Trump. Dismay. Trump. Gay Parents. Trump. Leelah Alcorn. Trump. Hitler. Trump. Opportunist. Trump. Fear. Trump. Sexual Predator. Trump. Contractors. Trump. Guns. Trump. People of Color. Trump. Patriarchy. Trump. Electoral Votes. Trump. Violence. Trump. Planned Parenthood. Trump. Chaos. Trump. Deportation. Trump. Unfit. Trump. Threats. Trump. Anti-Environment. Trump. Miss Universe. Trump. Anorexia. Trump. Little Girls. Trump. Man-Boy. Trump. Injustice. Trump. Monster.

If I am feeling this way, I ponder, how are my black friends and colleagues feeling? How about my Muslim friends and colleagues? How are women feeling? How are my immigrant friends coping? What about their children? Are black men more scared today about their lives? I know the process is there for a reason. I am a law-abiding citizen, deemed a second-class citizen by many of you, but nonetheless a citizen. Humanly, I find myself wondering about the electoral votes. Is there a way that those casting their votes can see what’s happening and could reverse their votes? They would if they were fair and believed in equality, if they listened to the people’s voices, to the tears being shed, to the dismay and pain, to the deep sorrow and shock we are under. We need accomplices, not just allies. We need white accomplices to help us try to reverse this decision if that is possible at all.

Today, women at Wellesley College were harassed by two male students from Babson College who drove in a pick-up truck decorated with Trump flags as they proudly shouted sexist, highly offensive and insensitive remarks to the all-women college students. The men haven’t been charged with any crime yet. The colleges, according to the news, are working together to determine what, if any, further actions need to be taken.

According to the Boston Globe, Wellesley President Paula Johnson said in a separate note to students that “the mood on campus right now is one of anxiety and concern.” Was this necessary? Will women and racial and ethnic minorities now need to be hyper vigilant because of Trump’s behavior and what it has unleashed on others who view it as ok? I think you know the answer to this question. This is just one of the multiple national transgressions targeted at minority groups (see some of them below).

Why is this happening? Because the transgressors know they can because Trump did it throughout his campaign and still became the president-elect (not by popular vote, ironically) of this nation. If he can behave like that and get the precious prize without any consequences, so can any other racist, xenophobe, sexist man/person, etc. Is that the America we want? This division will not be disappearing or dissipating. I’ve even heard comments from those being abused that have used the word “civil war” in them. And, here I am again pondering, but without a real argument to make. My anger overtakes me.

Trump. Women Rights. Trump. Gender. Trump. Equal Pay. Trump. Harassment. Trump. Entitlement. Trump. Disdain. Trump. Health Insurance. Trump. Marriage Equality. Trump. Putin. Trump. Everywhere. Trump. Autocracy. Trump. Consequences. Trump. White Supremacy. Trump. Pain. Trump. Healthcare. Trump. Tom Brady. Trump. Disappointment. Trump. American Demise. Trump. Trans Protections. Trump. Depression. Trump. Supreme Court Justices. Trump. Exploitation. Trump. Devastation. Trump. Gay Families. Trump. Protests. Trump. The South. Trump. ObamaCare. Trump. Disillusion. Trump. Mocker. Trump. WikiLeaks. Trump. Rape Culture. Trump. Senate. Trump. Impertinent. Trump. Hatred. Trump. Small-Business Owners. Trump. Longevity. Trump. Enemy. Trump. Catastrophe. Trump. World Affairs. Trump. Lifespan. Trump. Economics. Trump. World Affairs. Trump. Civil War. Trump. Preferential Treatment. Trump. Tears. Trump. Stop and Frisk. Trump. Consequences. Trump. Impeachment.

Trump. George Zimmerman. Trump. Bernie or Bust. Trump. Not All Americans. Trump. Humiliation. Trump. Loophole Master. Trump. Popular Vote. Trump. Wall. Trump. Chris Christie. Trump. Dictatorship. Trump. Catastrophe. Trump. Taxes. Trump. Traitor. Trump. Nationless. Trump. Morale. Trump. Giuliani. Trump. Bigotry. Trump. Defection. Trump. Sleep Deprivation. Trump. System Abuser. Trump. Nasty Woman. Trump. Bad “Hombre.” Trump. Birther Proponent. Trump Sexist. Trump. Conspiracy. Trump. Unapologetic. Trump. Convenient. Trump. Presidency. Trump. 4 Years. Trump. Impeachment.Trump. The Worst in People. Trump. The Beginning of the End. Trump. Reverse Electoral Vote. Trump. #NotMyPresident.

“ … I Could Say So Much More …”

Available online there is an online petition that is giving some a glimmer of hope: Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.

*The Author holds a Bachelors in Journalism from Temple University and an MBA from Marylhurst University. Graysen is the Publisher of The Rainbow Times and believes in equality for all. He is a member of the Latinx and LGBTQ communities. Out of three LGBT publications in New England, Graysen is the only Publisher who is also a trans person of color. If Graysen’s thoughts appear somewhat incoherent, please try to relate, (even if remotely), to Graysen’s state of mind at the time this column was written. Graysen can be reached at

What Trump’s America (first day) looks like so far:

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  1. This says so much about the author. Powerfully written. He should be placed back in time with Hitler, before the Holocaust, of course. I’m still in shock. I hate the haters, the GOP, the KKK, the supremacists. I only want to surround myself with great people. He’s such an idiot. I read a story that said “let’s wait till he does something wrong and is impeached.” I can’t wait for that to happen. This could easily end up being a civil war, if other whites like me take it seriously.

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