Gangsta-Groove: Aiden Leslie at the top of the charts

By: Will Baker/TRT Special

Hip-pop phenomenon Aiden Leslie hit the top of the charts this month with his club track, “Worlds Away.” The song about life’s ups and downs struck a chord with clubbers for its slick grooves and gangsta rap rhymes, courtesy of Farrah Burns. Is this the beginning of a new movement of sound uniting Gangsta with Groove?  We spoke to the man behind the beat.

Will Baker: Congratulations on the success of WORLDS AWAY.
Aiden Leslie:
 We’ve had an overwhelming response from new fans from all parts of the world. It’s the greatest reward when people write to you to tell you they were moved by your song.

Q: When did you first know you had a hit on your hands?
A: The video was picked up by MTV and VH1 within a few days of the release. That felt really nice. But I guess it was when we hit #1 on that I knew we really had something.

Q: You write your own material. Of all the songs that you write, how many are made into records?
A: Maybe 20%. I write a lot of songs that are not immediately recorded. It is nice to have a wide-range to choose from when it’s time to get back in the booth.

Q: What one element must every hit song have?
A: A killer hook.

Q: Have you written any new songs that you think have the potential to be future hits?
A: Absolutely.
Q: Have you ever thought you might have a hit but after recording, realized it was a miss?
A: Sure, but you know, there are so many elements that make a hit. Promotion is key. There are lots of hits out there that never see the light of day because there was no effort to get it to the masses.

Q: What inspires your writing?
A: I am constantly inspired by life’s journey. Life is bittersweet. We all have a purpose here and the goal is to find it and live it. Music guides us to these questions and answers. To share that is a gift.
Q: Is WORLDS AWAY your first foray into hip hop?
A: I coin it as “Hip-Pop” because it’s a blend of hip hop and pop. I’ve wanted to explore hip hop and Farrah was the perfect choice for this song.
Q: What is WORLDS AWAY about? 
A: Very simply, “Worlds Away” is about how we deal with life’s struggles.
Q: How does the music video compliment the single?
A: t takes it to another level. I love the style, the setting and the overall vibe.

Q: You tell quite a story in the video!
A: It’s like an action movie!  The ladies are my protectors; my crew. It’s like Charlie’s Angels with a bit of Bond Girls tossed in. Robert Vasquez, the man in the video, represents the opposition. I orchestrate his capture and demise by luring him in with my girls. They drug him and plant a bomb in his home, per my order.

Q: Can you see yourself venturing into other genres of music? 
A: Absolutely. I continue to evolve and so does my music.

Q: Is a follow-up to WORLD’S AWAY already in the works?
A: Yes, I am back in the studio now.  This is just the beginning.  I’m excited to see what the future holds.
For more information about Aiden Leslie’s music, or reach him on Facebook.

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