Letters to the Editor: The Rainbow Times’ March, 2012

Letters to the Editor (March 1, 2012)

Tynan Power’s column: TransMan

Dear Editor,

I really appreciated Tynan Power’s piece Stretching those tired gender boxes (2/2)… I’ve friends who have said that transgendered folks reaffirm gender binaries by the fact of their transition. Power’s piece reminds us no matter if one is female, male, in between or beyond, one still has to make choices about the kind of person one is going to be, what values will one live and project.

–Matt Ashby, Greenfield, MA


Rev. Jason Lydon’s Work & Highlight of Women’s & LGBT Rights

Dear Editor,

I continue to admire and follow the columns of Rev. Jason Lydon. He is a man who sees the world from a different lens, certainly. His columns are appropriate for the time and place we live in and he can decipher the reality vs. what the media feeds us constantly. As a Caucasian male, I appreciate his constant and consistent coverage of LGBTQ issues of people of color and disenfranchised groups—women and children. His stance on women, like his Amy Winehouse’s column in which he compared the treatment of celebrity females and males was right on target. He ensured that we thought about the disparities in how women are judged when they are addicted to substance abuse and how differently men are treated under the same circumstances. One group belittled, the other glorified. I appreciated his last column too, in which he speaks of the GLBT women of color and how white privilege gets in the way of equality in all forms. He is a person I’d like to meet and a true ally who does not mind how much heat he will get for this true and commendable beliefs.

–Joe Johnson, Hartford, CT

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