Mass. Attorney General Healey Releases Statement on Las Vegas Attack

las vegas

BOSTON – Attorney General Maura Healey today issued the following statement on the tragedy in Las Vegas:

“Last night, country music fans gathered for a festival in Las Vegas. Many of them never came home. Others are still fighting for their lives. Families and loved ones across Nevada and our country are grieving.

It is a tragically familiar story. Together we have also mourned those who went to a public meeting in Tucson. Who went to the movies in Aurora. Who went to a Bible study group in Charleston. Who went to a nightclub in Orlando. And first graders learning in a classroom in Sandy Hook.

Today, I offer my deepest sympathies to the victims of this latest heinous attack and to all those in mourning. I extend my deepest gratitude to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the first responders who once again rushed toward danger to save lives.

But merely expressing our condolences is not enough. We must act. Those beholden to the gun lobby will tell us this is not the time to talk about preventing gun violence. They are wrong.

In Congress and states across this country, every option must be on the table and every strategy to end these tragedies must be considered. We don’t know what inspired this horrific attack. All we know is that, unless we respond with meaningful action, it will happen again.

In memory of all those we have lost, let us find the courage to protect those we can still keep safe.”

[From a News Release]

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