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‘12 Years a Slave,’ Tactics and Pride

By: Nicole Lashomb/Editor-in-Chief— Pride season is not only a time of year where we come together as one community, celebrating, advocating, and affirmatively being who…

Creep of the Week: Franklin Graham and His Homophobic Jesus & Bible

There are a lot of things about the right-wing universe that don’t make a lot of sense to me. The fanatical obsession with the unborn paired with the callous disregard of poor children and their families, for example. The insistence that the Bible is literal and must be adhered to, and yet the careful cherry picking of what passages they actually want to follow.

The Backlash of Radical Abortion Law

By: Nicole Lashomb, Editor-in-Chief— Last month, the Texas Republican-led Senate passed its abortion bill. This bill, pegged as the most restrictive abortion bill in the…