Trans Candidate Sharon Brackett Makes History In Maryland!

sharon brackettSharon Brackett (center, wearing a black blouse). Photo: YouTube Video from
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Sharon Brackett becomes first trans woman elected to public office in the State of Maryland

BALTIMORE, Md.—Last night, Sharon Brackett became the first trans woman to be elected to a public office in the State of Maryland. Sharon triumphed in a contested primary against 14 other candidates. Ms. Brackett was elected to the 46th District Democratic Central Committee representing the neighborhoods of Canton, Locust Point, Federal Hill, Brooklyn, Curtis Bay and Cherry Hill located in Baltimore City.

With 51 of 53 precincts reporting Sharon secured 3,901 votes and placed third out of 15 candidates in her very first run for office.

Sharon Brackett issued the following statement in response to this historic night:

“I want to believe that we led an upbeat campaign rooted in my philosophy of ‘infectious optimism’. As a pragmatic progressive, I am hoping to bring a new energy and dynamic to the Central Committee in Baltimore.”

“I would like to believe that being trans is the least interesting thing about me but I recognize the significance and the importance that this moment brings especially to thousands of trans individuals like myself who may have previously thought public office was unattainable. Tonight’s victory is a testament that with hard work, dedication and an ‘infectious optimism’ that regardless of gender identity one can serve the public in any capacity.

I am looking forward to serving the Democrats of District 46 and hope to build our base and success in getting strong candidates positioned for success moving our progressive values forward.”

Brackett is a computer engineer and business executive and has been an activist for LGBT rights in Maryland for most of the last decade. She is a founder and board chair of Gender Rights Maryland and was Baltimore Pride’s activist of the year in 2014. Brackett is a board member of OutServe-SLDN, the leading national advocacy and legal organization for LGBTQ service members, veterans, and their families, as well as The Point Foundation the national LGBTQ scholarship organization.

Brackett specifically recognizes her friend, and mentor, Dr. Dana Beyer who led by example by becoming the first trans woman to run for public office in the State of Maryland and paving the way to make this possible.

Additionally, the Sharon Brackett for 46th District Democratic Central Committee Campaign acknowledged the Nate Loewenthiel campaign for their assistance and financial support throughout the primary process.

In addition, another trans woman, Laura Hart, was elected to the Democratic Central Committee in St. Mary’s County last night. That race was uncontested.

A former bio, listed by OUT Serve SLDN sometime around 2014, describes Brackett as the following:

“Ms. Brackett is a serial entrepreneur and the President/CEO of Tiresias Technologies. In 2010, she was selected by Washington SmartCEO Magazine as one of Washington’s Smart100 CEOs for 2010 and then again, after transitioning, in 2011. …

She served as a co-chair for the NGLTF Creating Change conference in Baltimore for 2012. She is also a board member of the Point Foundation, a national LGBTQ scholarship organization.  She frequently writes a column for Baltimore OUTloud, “Rational T-hought”, focusing on Trans rights and issues. Sharon is a co-founder of TransParent Day, and is a former board member and volunteer co-moderator of the Gender Identity support group of the GLCCB in Baltimore.

She is also a board member of, an NGO charity that has built an education program and school in Ghana, Africa.  In her copious spare time, she works with youth groups with technical interests such as 3D printing, coding, rocketry, and robotics.”

[From a News Release]

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  1. Richard L.Stewart | June 27, 2018 at 8:37 am |

    There is no human struggle more significant than discovering who we are and what we can become. Of the five factors that play a complex interaction in the development of each of our gender identities; genes, hormones, anatomy, psychology and culture, which of these factors do any of us have much control over in the development of our own individual gender identities. For those who would target or disdriminate our trans brothers and sisters I would ask what is the true source of your displaced anger and aggression ?

  2. She won, but the article states… “Sharon secured 3,901 votes and placed third…” ???

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