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Hot off the Presses & Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings

Hot off the Presses, by Elliott Mackle. Lethe Press, 302 pages, $18 paper. A high-profile young, black lad on the down-low, a world-class Olympic gymnast committed to his closet, an evangelical black mayor deep into African-American AIDS denial, a crusading queer journalist coping with the hang-ups of the wealthy straight couple who inherited the gay […]

Creep of the Week: Let’s look at the Saline School Board

I think we can all agree that bullying is bad. No one likes to be bullied (Well, OK, some people do, but not, like, for real. That’s why they have a safe word.), and no one wants their kids to get taunted and harassed while they’re at school. But if there’s one thing worse than […]

Creep of the Week: Let’s talk Matt Barber

By: D’Anne Witkowski*/TRT Special It feels like every time we check the news this month there’s a story about yet another young person taking his or her life in order to escape anti-gay bullying. It’s heartbreaking. And not just for the gay community. Even Matt Barber of the rabidly anti-gay Liberty Counsel expressed his sorrow: […]

Deep Inside Hollywood: Anderson Cooper the new Oprah?

The Mississippi Hate Prom is coming to TV You may remember earlier this year when Mississippi high school student Constance McMillen sued for the right to take her girlfriend to her prom. You may also remember that not only was she subjected to intense bullying but that her school canceled the prom rather than allow […]

Bella Maddo: The novelita

Bella Maddo is a new soap-opera style short film being welcomed throughout the film-festival circuit. Okay, another day, another short, and so it goes, but this film is not only directed by a trans-woman, it also has trans-children in it. In fact, this film ONLY has trans people in it, and moreover, these performers don’t […]

To Cook is To Love: A Foodies Journal

By: John Verlinden Rainbow Dish I love our rainbow flag – the rich diversity it symbolizes and those stunning hues! It’s autumn in New England; thousands come from all over to marvel at the vibrant palette of trees, bushes and grasses. Color is awesome!  We all have our favorites and we use them to make […]

What’s the Matter? Ron Perkov Sets the Matter Straight

By: Drew Lapinsky Ron Perkov has performed alongside the likes Dionne Warwick, Jennifer Holiday and Bernadette Peters. He also starred in the Lincoln Center Production of Mack & Mabel.   Today, however, the five-time Billboard charting artist performs more dance floors than stage doors. His self-penned songs all follow what has become a winning recipe for Ron, with […]

The OutField: God, gays and games

Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight – it doesn’t matter. If you’re an American and you watch big-time sports, you can’t avoid seeing religion too. A football player scores a key touchdown, and then points his finger to God in the sky. A winning pitcher thanks the Lord for the win. Basketball teams sponsor special “Faith […]