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J. Edgar: The (Gay?) Man Behind The Mask

J. Edgar: The (Gay?) Man Behind The Mask

By: Chris Azzopardi/TRT Special Out screenwriter Dustin Lance Black talks Clint Eastwood’s ‘loving’ take on J. Edgar and Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn as a powerful closet case. No milk for Dustin Lance Black – the 37-year-old filmmaker who says he feels 10 years older today – on this recent morning in a suite at a Beverly […]

Cyndi Shines: Singer/activist isn’t so unusual - she’s just human

Cyndi Shines: Singer/activist isn’t so unusual – she’s just human

By: Chris Azzopardi Twenty-five years ago, Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” shined through – on the radio, and in the hearts of so many. It was in the midst of the horrifying AIDS epidemic when she lost her dear gay friend, came across the song, and made it into a hit that comforted millions. “I was […]

A small victory for the Transgender Community

Erica Kay’s overturned grand theft conviction finally officially closed On Wednesday, November 23, 2011, historical transgender personality and activist Erica Kay was scheduled to make an appearance in the Panama City courtroom of the Honorable Elijah Smiley to have her case of grand theft officially close; one year and a day after it was overturned […]

Homosexual Difficulties: The scary truth about one Osmond brother’s family-friendly website

By: Abby Dees*/Special for TRT- I had meant to write about serious LGBT news this week, but I accidently fell down the sinkhole of celebrity gossip – in particular, the goings on of one Alan Osmond (yes, those Osmonds). It started with a video of the former star discussing how Chuck Norris was consulted to […]

New book highlights the experiences of transgender people

Coinciding with the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, an event held every November 20 to recognizes individuals who have been murdered in the previous year because of their gender identity or expression, a new book details the experiences of transgender people today.  Genny Beemyn and Sue Rankin’s The Lives of Transgender People (Columbia University Press, 2011) is […]

Superior Interior: Designer Joshua Ingraham Shows You How

By: Travis Laborn/TRT Special Joshua Ingraham holds himself to the same standard he does his designs-with class, integrity and always a surprise element of fun. He defines his style as ‘Casual Luxury,’ utilizing dark colors over light; classic, bold patterns rather than the safe and subtle; and strong fabrics with unusual textures. Counted among New […]

The OutField: Gay Sports’ Hot 100 important moments in gay sports history

By: Dan Woog* To John Amaechi’s long list of achievements – former NBA basketball player, gay activist, human rights advocate – add another: Order of the British Empire. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has tabbed the hoopster-turned-social entrepreneur for the “honour,” bestowed Oct. 26 at Buckingham Palace. His selection has drawn kudos from disparate quarters. […]

Queer Hip-Hop Nation from Elephant: The unique twin brother gay rappers

By: Edward Jonas/TRT Special Coleman and Jackson Vrana make up the controversial band, Elephant-the only white, twin brother, queer rappers on the music scene today. Originally from Oklahoma, they came out when they were 14 and were bullied and harassed every day until they finally left home at 18. Coleman fled to New York while […]

Transgender rights bill passes in Mass. House and Senate

Once signed, the Law will go into effect July 1, 2012 By: Chuck Colbert/TRT Reporter/ BOSTON-Casino gambling grabbed all the headlines, but in an historic vote the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a measure Tuesday evening, Nov. 15, which would extend civil-rights and hate-crimes protections to transgender residents. The vote was 95 – 58, with […]

Reactions to the MA House & Senate's Passage of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill: Community Leaders Speak Out

Reactions to the MA House & Senate’s Passage of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill: Community Leaders Speak Out

By: Christine Nicco/TRT Reporter– “With the passage of this bill, the transgender people of our state will have significantly greater legal protections, and that is what we rightly celebrate.  We all know the bill is not perfect, because it omits the critical protections in public accommodations that the transgender community needs and deserves. Legislation involves […]

Deep Inside Hollywood

Alan Cumming visits a less groovy 1970s in Any Day Now The struggle for LGBT marriage equality and adoption rights makes the news pretty regularly now and each step forward feels like a small victory. Now imagine dealing with all of that in 1979. That’s the subject of Any Day Now, a film about gay adoption, inspired […]

Hear Me Out: Kelly Clarkson’s emotions in the raw & Miranda Lambert, look at yourself

By: Chris Azzopardi Kelly Clarkson, Stronger If Kelly Clarkson wasn’t making music, you have to wonder: Where would she take out her wronged-woman rage? It’s a scary thought, considering how much the reigning “American Idol” – it’s been nearly 10 years since she was crowned as the inaugural winner – uses power-pop beats as a punching […]

High levels of HIV infection among Hispanic community

By: Joe Siegel/TRT Reporter– On October 15, which has been designated as National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, AIDS organizations across the country held events to draw attention to the high level of HIV infection among the Latino community.National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) was created in 2003 to unite organizations at the local level in […]

Northampton’s Mayoral debate for the LGBT community offered important insights

By: Tynan Power/TRT Reporter- David J. Narkewicz and Michael J. Bardsley squared off in a debate specifically for the LGBT community and its allies, amid the season’s first snowstorm on October 29th. The event, held at The State Room in The Center (35 State St., Northampton), was organized by Bet Power, Executive Director and Curator […]

Obama addresses HRC National Dinner My choice is clear, is yours?

By: Nicole Lashomb/Editor-in-Chief- On October 1, President Barack Obama took center stage at the 15thAnnual HRC National Dinner as a guest speaker. It took me back to his early campaign years where the masses were moved, energized and inspired by his optimistic words. That night was no different. Once the address was over, it invigorated […]

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