AIDS Action Committee Opens New Drop-In Center, Specialty HIV MOMS Pharmacy

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BOSTON, MA—AIDS Action Committee announce today, Feb. 22, that it has opened a drop-in center and an onsite MOMS specialty HIV pharmacy at its Amory Street location in Jackson Square. Both moves mark the expansion of AIDS Action’s treatment adherence program which helps clients living with HIV and AIDS maintain their often complex medical regimens.

AIDS Action will host a community reception to mark the opening on Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 75 Amory St., Boston. Members of the public are invited to attend and may RSVP to

The drop-in center is a welcoming space where clients can access multiple resources and services. This reduces barriers to care and offers clients one-stop shopping. Within the drop-in center clients can access food, use computers for housing and job searches, attend legal clinics, and talk with one of AAC’s peer advocates about living with HIV. The drop-in center also houses AIDS Action’s HIV Health Library, which has a wealth of information about HIV and viral hepatitis in print, digital, and video format for ease of access. MOMS Pharmacy, a specialty HIV/AIDS pharmacy with locations in New York, California, and Washington, will operate at the back of the drop-in center.

“Having MOMS on-site, with pharmacists who are experts in HIV/AIDS medicine available to answer questions, will make it easier and more convenient for our clients to adhere to their treatment plans,” said Rebecca Haag, President & CEO of AIDS Action Committee, which provides services to one in six people in Massachusetts living with a diagnosis of HIV. “Ultimately, this is going to lead to better health outcomes for our clients. That, in turn, reduces the spread of HIV, reduces suffering for those with HIV, and reduces health care costs.”

A 2008 evaluation of a MOMS Pharmacy collaboration with the AIDS service organization Action Point by the San Francisco Department of Public Health found that in-hospital treatment costs per person dropped 59 percent from $3,317 to $1,351 after MOMS Pharmacy began fulfilling most of Action Point’s clients’ medication needs. The evaluation also found that the average HIV viral load of an Action Point client utilizing MOMS Pharmacy was suppressed by 59 percent after one year, and 64 percent after two years.

MOMS Pharmacy is focused exclusively on providing medications and support services to people living with HIV/ AIDS, and offers expert pharmacy care and delivery to thousands of individuals in the United States, including those living with co-infections such as viral hepatitis. Services include pre-filled medicine trays and the MOMSPak, a month’s worth of medication packaged in daily, client-specific packets that include the client’s name and the precise date and time when medication is to be taken; insurance reimbursement expertise and advocacy; on-site counseling with a pharmacist trained in HIV/AIDS medication protocols; educational and wellness sessions for clients; refill reminder programs; and delivery service options. MOMS Pharmacy has a strong history of advocating on a local and national level for people living with HIV/AIDS and for providing much needed support to those communities most impacted by the disease.

“HIV/AIDS is not a disease than can, or should, be managed like any other chronic diseases,” said Anthony D. Luna, President of MOMS Pharmacy. “HIV/AIDS presents a unique array of challenges that require it to be treated with a very specific and comprehensive form of expertise and understanding. MOMS Pharmacy strives to be viewed as an integral part of a client’s “treatment team” by providing supportive tools and a keen understanding of HIV/AIDS that results in improved clinical outcomes and an overall improvement in the quality of life for our clients.”

In addition to AIDS Action Committee, MOMS Pharmacy has established collaborations with Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York, Lifelong AIDS Alliance in Seattle, Under One Roof in San Francisco, and Being Alive San Diego. MOMS Pharmacy is an Allion Healthcare Company with over 20 years of experience.


About AIDS Action Committee

Founded in 1983, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts is New England’s first and largest AIDS service organization. It works to prevent new HIV infections, support those affected by HIV, and tackle the root causes of HIV/AIDS. AIDS Action provides support services to one in six people in Massachusetts living with an HIV diagnosis; educates the public and health professionals about HIV prevention and care; and advocates for fair and effective HIV/AIDS policy at the city, state, and federal levels. AIDS Action operates the only multilingual statewide hotlines for HIV/STDs (1-800-235-2331) and Hepatitis (1-888-443-4372), and is a leading provider in Massachusetts of HIV counseling and testing; needle exchange; mental health counseling; peer support; transportation and housing assistance; case management and client advocacy; and legal services. Learn more at


About MOMS Pharmacy

MOMS Pharmacy specializes in the treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. For twenty years, MOMS has led the HIV/AIDS specialty pharmacy field, providing advanced treatment and compassionate care to patients. MOMS services have been recognized as improving patient outcomes by offering customized medication packaging to promote medication adherence, including the MOMSPak. MOMs Pharmacy is an Allion Healthcare Company with locations throughout the United States. For more information visit or contact MOMS Pharmacy at 617-708-3922.