City School honors GLBT Activist Reverend Jason Lydon with Big Picture Award

Rev. Jason Lydon
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City School honors GLBT activist: We expect more than 200 guests to join us for our annual celebration of the “Big Picture” Awards. On May 31st, The City School will honor community leaders including the Reverend Jason Lydon of Community Church of Boston, Josefina Vazquez of Boston Women’s Fund and Merveline Chambers of Mother’s for Justice and Equality. The City School recognizes three unsung heroes from across the Commonwealth whose vision and values help to build youth leadership for social justice.

The City School opens its doors to over 1,000 local teens looking for skills involving violence prevention, peer leadership and social justice training, and community service. Youth proceed to use their City School “know how” to work toward building a better and safer community. “I have grown so much throughout this program, but I know I still have a lot of learning to do. A person is never done learning. My ultimate goal is to learn to teach back,” reflected Ras Kassa of Roxbury (17 years old).

WHAT: Questions like “How are you a leader in your community?” and “What role do you think youth play in government?” are some of the conversations you will have at Celebrating Change. “Celebrating Change” will honor The City School’s 17 years of transforming young people’s lives and creating positive changes in our community.  Celebrating Change serves as The City School’s fundraiser to support the ongoing leadership development and social justice education for teenagers, across difference.

WHEN: 6 – 9 p.m., Thursday, May 31, 2012

WHERE: Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, 41 Second Street, Cambridge

WHO: You will have the opportunity to hear stories and experiences from the dynamic youth and adult community leaders who are graduates of our programs.

BACKGROUND: Reverend Jason Lydon is the outgoing Minister of Community Church of Boston. Since coming to the church in August of 2005, Jason has provided welcoming and supportive leadership. He is a graduate of the Episcopal Divinity School where his primary areas of work were on abolition theology, anti-racism, and queer liberation. Jason was raised in the Unitarian Universalist faith community, involved on local, district, and national levels. Jason came to ministry as a young man, seeking to struggle for justice with others in faith communities.

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  1. I know her well | June 2, 2013 at 11:43 pm |

    Mother of Justice my ass!! Merveline Chambers is one of the biggest undercover Jamaican Drug lords in Boston. The BPD should investigate Mervaline to learn how her illegal drug dealings may have contributed to her son’s death.

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