Creep of the Week: Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation founder

By: D’Anne Witkowski/Special for TRT–

With Democrats and many Republicans demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns, it was only a matter of time before someone, in Romney’s defense, called Obama a crack-smoking homo.

This someone is Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation.

Tea Party defends Romney unwillingness to release taxes

In an editorial posted on the Tea Party Nation website July 19, Phillips actually says that this fuss over Romney’s taxes is a baseless attack and what people should really worry about is whether Obama’s ever had a crack pipe in his mouth or a man in his ass.

Phillips begins his diatribe complaining that the “Obama campaign and the Party of Treason continue to demand Mitt Romney release his tax records so they can pull them apart and continue to distort facts and lie about Romney.”

Got that? The only reason Democrats want Romney’s tax returns is so they can lie about him, which is an interesting claim since lying has never really been about facts so much. It also assumes that Romney has nothing to hide. Basically in the eyes of Mr. Phillips, Romney can do no wrong.

Throw Pres. Obama under the bus, adding he is gay (?)

Obama, on the other hand, is nothing but wrong according to Phillips. And he wants to see Obama’s medical records to prove it.

“Obama by his own admission was a very heavy marijuana user in his youth. He has also admitted to using cocaine, though he denies using drugs such as heroin. He also says he was a significant drinker,” writes Phillips. “Why is this important? Because these are all symptoms of addiction.”

Addiction to what, exactly? To being young and smoking some pot and drinking until you puke? That’s called college to many kids. I’m not condoning it, but such a thing is hardly a rarity in America.

Phillips continues, “A man named Larry Sinclair claims that in 1999 he and Barack Obama had sex and then smoked crack cocaine. This is 1999, nine years before Obama would run for President.”

Oooh, a smoking gun (pun intended)? Hardly. Sinclair is not exactly a reliable fellow. His tale of drugs and sex with the prez is backed by no evidence besides Sinclair’s imagination. It’s also interesting to note that after what the Huffington Post called a “stupefying” press conference in 2008, Sinclair was arrested on charges unrelated to his Obama fantasies.

There’s also the question of how seeing someone’s medical records would prove that they’re gay. But Phillips really, really, really wants Sinclair’s story to be true. He wants it so hard. And that’s impacting his ability to tell the difference between reality and nut case make believe.

“Crack cocaine is very addictive,” Phillips writes. “It is very destructive. Addiction specialist will tell you that a crack addiction is very tough to break.”

Wow. That’s some heavy medical information. I suspect Phillips may be a doctor. Or perhaps he just freelances for Web MD. in the comments.

“Is Obama an addict? Was he an addict in the past? These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger,” Phillips continues, breathless.

Guilty because he breaks the norm, supports marriage equality

The question about drug addiction would be a legitimate question to ask about the President of the United States if, in fact, there was any basis in reality for the question in the first place. For Phillips it seems the fact that the president is black and supports marriage equality is enough to suspect he’s a gay crack-head.

Know what is a legitimate question for a presidential candidate? Where are your f@%$&#g tax returns?

*D’Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She’s a freelance writer and poet (believe it!). When she’s not taking on the creeps of the world she reviews rock ‘n’ roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister.

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