The Rainbow Times Moving on: Full Steam Ahead, a Brief

nicole lashombNicole Lashomb, TRT Editor-in-Chief
Photo: TRT Archives
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nicole lashomb

Nicole Lashomb, TRT Editor-in-Chief
Photo: TRT Archives

By: Nicole Lashomb*/Editor-in-Chief—


Congratulations to all teams that participated in the Beantown Softball League in another successful season. Cheers especially to our sponsored team, TRT’s Terriers, for their first place accolade in Division 4. You’ve done us proud and we are proud to have stood by your side again this year. Here’s to you all … [pullquote]Cheers especially to our sponsored team, TRT’s Terriers, for their first place accolade in Division 4. You’ve done us proud and we are proud to have stood by your side again this year.[/pullquote]


The Rainbow Times has been fortunate to grow each year since we have been in business, welcoming many new clients, readers and distribution hubs. Our website has surpassed previously held all-time high traffic records, welcoming more than 2 million average verifiable hits each month by those who browse our pages and turn to us for the most updated online coverage in the region. Additionally, our social media network has grown to be the largest than any other LGBTQ publication in New England. We have sponsored more non-profit organizations than ever; not only through in-kind donations, but also cash donations and we’ve been honored to do so. We know that the people who do great work in our community deserve to be recognized in as many ways as possible, including providing financial assistance when needed. We understand the importance of giving back to the community when possible and our track-record since 2006 has proven just that. But, it doesn’t stop there.

Internship Program

Currently, we are in the process of developing an internship program to afford college students the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the ever-evolving reporting and publishing fields, including learning about those that we serve, our valued readers and advertisers. This program is expected to launch by January 2015.

Social Responsibility

The social responsibility initiatives that we’ve always held true will continue to drive us forward, such as advocating for marginalized and disenfranchised groups within the LGBTQ community. This will likely include an investment of expanding our market beyond New England, with the establishment of regional editions to better serve the needs of additional communities. Of course, our initiatives will also include those that serve the environment as we continue to print on eco-friendly paper and using biodegradable ink, amongst many others.

Thank You

These are just a few tidbits for what lies ahead. As we continue to move forward, please know we are ever so thankful to you, your support and loyalty to us. We do not take it for granted. We are proud to be surrounded by an amazing community with so many doing tireless work for the betterment of it. Thank you for traveling this road with us. It is our pleasure to have walked this path with you thus far.

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*Nicole Lashomb is the Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of The Rainbow Times. She holds an MBA from Marylhurst University and a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Potsdam. Reach her at

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