The Rainbow Times on Paul Russell, Jr. a Democrat Candidate Running for Essex County Sheriff

Paul RussellPaul Russell running for Essex County Sheriff

The Rainbow Times sent some questions to Paul Russell, Jr. a Democrat Candidate running for Essex County Sheriff. Below are the candid responses that Russell gave us via this e-interview.

Q: Why are you running for Essex County Sheriff?

A: Four basic reasons: to address the heroin/drug Crisis in Essex County integrity issues concerning the Essex county corrections/faculties; to address the repeat offender rate and illicit drug use bring progressive, fiscal, transparent and positive change to this office.

Q: What separates you from the many other candidates running for Essex County Sheriff’s Office?

A: [Answered in a numbered list: I am: 1. the first candidate (Democrat or Republican) to announce, to run (fall of 2015, at the Lynn DTC breakfast). My original plan was to challenge the current administration, because of its poor record. 2. the only candidate who does not support or endorse or is employed by the current Sheriff administration. 3. the only candidate who has a three-point plan in dealing with the heroin/drug crisis. 4. the only candidate who has thirty years of drug law enforcement and addiction education and experience. 5. the only candidate who is an official member of the Democratic party. 6. the only candidate that supports the democrat platform concerning LGBT issues. 7. the only candidate that supports Labor Unions. 8. the only candidate that will ensure that LGBT members will have a presence in the Sheriff’s administration, at all levels, including an ombudsman. 9. the only candidate that supports education and information concerning illicit drug use. 10. The only candidate who proposes, supports and advocates mental and emotional evaluation, including social services in concert w/ drug rehabilitation. 11. the only and first candidate that advocates treating addiction as a disease not a crime! 12. the only candidate who has an extensive network and background on federal,

Q: Tell us why the Angel program is important?

A: This program gives people with addictions an option to get on the road of recovery. Also {it gives people] a safe haven, from arrest and prosecution also to develop a relationship with mentors to aid, help advise, support and guides individuals with addictions.

Q: What is my stance on LGBT, women and Hispanic convicts/inmates?

A: I am not clear/sure on this question, but I believe all inmates who come thru the system, would be evaluated. If addiction problems prevail, an effort would be made to assist and support their struggles and challenges in this area. I am clearly aware of the problems of discrimination or isolation that may occur in the LGBT community and steps will be taken to address as these issues arise, including personal care and including security. If language/culture is the issue, steps would be employed to address this issue. My plan to build and expand a female medical support and in-take center would be the cornerstone of my administration. The focus on Female inmates would include, addiction, a direct connection for support for social services, mentoring programs, via private and public service organizations.

Q: Have you received any endorsements already?

A: Yes I have, from Groveland Democrat town Committee, Groveland Mass.; from Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #17 3; from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiner, Merrimack Valley Local #111; and from Asbestos Workers & Refrigerators Local #6.

Q: I you won, would you train your office to appropriately work and handle people from the LGBT community.

A: Yes. Upon my election, two qualified, experienced and respected individuals representatives from the LGBT community will be active members of my staff. These members would be in direct and daily contact with the Sheriff to advise, input and direct best how to solve pending and up coming issues concerning the LGBT community. Also, I would provide quarterly training; both outside and in service would be required of and applied by all personnel during interactions with all members of the Essex county community.

For more information about Paul Russell visit the candidate’s Facebook page here.

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