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Forward March: ‘A Marine Story’ dissects the damage caused by DADT

Director Ned Farr and actress Dreya Weber discuss their new film now on DVD You wouldn’t know it by her powerful portrayal of a closeted lesbian discharged from the military because of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” but actress Dreya Weber is married. To a man. That man, Ned Farr, also happens to be her boss. […]

Creep of the Week: Let’s examine Matt Barber

Have you punched a gay middle-schooler for Christ today? Well, you’d better do it fast, because Barack Obama is trying to take this God-given duty and religious right away from you. It’s no secret that LGBT students get bullied at school. In fact, it’s no secret that kids who get bullied at school are often […]

Queeries: To spy or not? Plus, some insight on in-laws

“To spy or not to spy on my girlfriend” Q: Last week I picked up my girlfriend’s cell and read a very intimate text from someone who was no doubt a sexual partner. I completely flipped out and have been thinking about downloading some of the “spy” software that allows you “to find out everything […]

The search for understanding, Part II

By: Lorelei Erisis*/TRT Columnist- Last we convened here dear readers; I was living in Northampton for the first time around and speaking to you of my search for myself. Eventually however, I was driven out of Northampton by my innate wanderlust, my need for adventure (as well as one too many lectures on the word […]

Regional LGBT chambers and their importance

By: Jenn Tracz*/Special for TRT- Back in November I wrote about an amazing experience that I had at a conference in Washington D.C., hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). That particular conference brought hundreds of business and community leaders to discuss the LGBT movement in terms of economic development and […]

It, Ze, They: What pronoun to use?

By: Tynan Power/TRT Reporter and Columnist* At the Five College Queer Sexuality and Gender Conference held at Hampshire College on March 5th, I was handed a name tag with an extra space for my preferred pronoun. While anyone can always choose to write in anything people need to know-whether it’s a preferred pronoun or favorite […]

Purging: An awful, painful ordeal many transwomen have to endure

By: Deja Nicole Greenlaw*/TRT Columnist- Purging. The Free Online Dictionary defines it as “1. a. To free from impurities; purify. b. To remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing.” If you have the chance to speak to a transwoman 30-years-old or older ask them (and some younger ones too!) about purging. […]

The OutField: Three boys’ gay high school blog

By: Dan Woog*/Special for TRT- For a high school athlete who was so terrified of being gay he contemplated suicide, coming out was huge. But Robert Scott did it – and, within a couple of months, he was blogging nationally about his life. Welcome to the gay youth world, 2011-style. At 14, Robert felt cursed […]