LGBTQ Health and Wellness Weekend

Man Doing Sit-ups

BOSTON, Mass. — On August 24th & 25th the first LGBTQ Health and Wellness Weekend will take place at The Brewery, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain. The event will also feature a raffle. Proceeds from it will go towards helping economically marginalized LGBTQ individuals get gym memberships.

According to the findings made on the Health Survey on LGBTQ Issues reported by the Department of Public Health in 2009, among LGBT persons, health care issues are rarely reported. Of those members of the LGBT community, the percentage that reported it was found that their healthcare was significantly limited compared to that of their heterosexual and non‐transgender counterparts.

This community event aims to assist the LGBTQ community and provide them with well-deserve access to all forms of healthcare & alternative health practices such as: yoga, massage, gym & fitness courses, dance etc.

Join us and check out the gym, work out, come to boot camps, see the vendors, participate in workshops or body work classes, a massage or simply join attendants for a cup of coffee and watch the community come together on an issue that unites us all.

Coordinating Sponsors:

  • BodyImage4Justice
  • Mike’s Fitness
  • Ignite fitness
  • HBGC

Our Community Sponsors in addition to the above list:


  • The Rainbow Times
  • ULA Cafe
  • Whole Foods Jamaica Plain
  • Unleashed
  • Heidi Stucker Massage Therapy
  • Pathways to Wellness
  • Ferris Wheels
  • City Feed Jamaica Plain
  • Boston Pretzel

Community-Serving Agencies:

  • HBGC
  • The Network LaRed
  • Fenway Health
  • City Life
  • Zumix
  • New Start Project
  • MassEquality
  • Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition
  • Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
  • TransCend
  • Bikes not Bombs
  • Haymarket People’s Fund

For more information call: (508) 558-1014 or e-mail:

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