Bernie or Bust: A Disturbing Reality

Bernie or Bust

By: Nicole Lashomb*/Editor-in-Chief—

Bernie or Bust. A movement widely known as “Bernie or Bust” has been circulating for some time now on the web. Simply put, if Sen. Sanders loses the Democratic nomination to run against the GOP in November, some supporters are vowing to write in his name at the polls or even cast their vote for a Right-Wing candidate. One thing is for certain—they have vowed not to vote for Democratic Presidential candidate Sec. Hillary Clinton.

As a life-long Democrat, I am deeply troubled by this mentality and personal declaration of “Bernie or Bust.” How can individuals who believe in the promise of Sen. Sanders’ “political revolution,” as he declares in his stump speeches, bail on fellow Democrats if it doesn’t go their way? That is not the Democratic principle that the party seeks to uphold. How can these same individuals conscionably hand their vote to a Republican candidate without considering that they represent the most serious of “crimes” against equality for LGBTQs, women, racial and ethnic groups, immigrants, the disabled, and so on? Putting a Republican in the White House again would be catastrophic for the American people and any hopes of furthering medicine, technology and global relations, not to mention the serious potential fallouts of national security, the safety and the state of our nation. Did we not learn anything from the George W. Bush presidency? Perhaps, the “Bernie or Bust” participants are not Democrats in the first place. After all, Bernie wasn’t a Democrat either, until this election cycle.

Bernie or Bust

Nicole Lashomb, Editor-in-Chief of The Rainbow Times
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I have rarely heard or seen Sec. Clinton supporters vigorously attack Sen. Sanders’ supporters in the way I’ve witnessed the reverse. The social media sphere has gotten out of control with the “Bernie or Bust” movement. Some known as “Bernie Bots: have venomously trolled and targeted the pages of Clinton supporters, not to convince them of voting for Sen. Sanders mind you, but to express disdain, sexism, and plain vitriol against Clinton or even the users themselves. When prompted by others to cite what they are most attracted to regarding Sanders campaign, the responses posted mostly demeans Clinton and/or her supporters.

Recently, “a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicated that one third of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters cannot see themselves voting for Hillary Clinton in November,” reported the WSJ. Supporters of the “Bernie or Bust” movement are akin to Donald Trump supporters—an all or nothing mindset. But, we deserve more.

While there are definitive differences between Clinton and Sanders, it is crystal clear that either candidate would be better for the country than any of the Republican ticket holders. Undoubtedly.

A “political revolution” comes with compromise, evolution, experience, and the impassioned ability to work across the aisle to make progress. No single candidate, nor you or me, have an impeccable record that cannot be picked apart in some way. We’ve all made mistakes along our life’s journey and likely have regrets from which we’ve learned. It is up to all of us to decide which candidate from our political party can best “get the job done.” However, what is inexcusable is allowing members of our own party to turn against each other and shred each other to pieces. That will only play into the hand of the Republicans. When we know better, we do better. So, let’s do better.

If Clinton is the nominee, based on the current delegate math, liberals and democrats should rally around her. Conversely, if Sanders does manage to clench the nomination, they should rally round him. The Democratic ticket is the Democratic ticket.

The race to the White House is not an after dinner game, a cabaret theater nor reality TV. The choices that we make today and how united we stand as fellow Democrats will impact us not only in the present, but for years into the future. Think about it. Peace.

*Nicole Lashomb is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Rainbow Times. Nicole holds an MBA from Marylhurst University and a BM from the Crane School of Music (SUNY-Potsdam). Contact her at:

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8 Comments on "Bernie or Bust: A Disturbing Reality"

  1. Christopher Milligan | April 7, 2016 at 10:12 pm |

    “The race to the White House is not an after dinner game, a cabaret theater nor reality TV. ”

    No shit. Not once did you bother yourself in this article with exploring the reason for the Bernie or Bust pledge.

    Matt Turner nailed it on the head in his article, “Bernie or Bust: Both Justified and Inescapable”.

    “Here’s the truth, Clintonites, so take a seat. It is only Sanders
    who will break up the big banks. It is only Sanders who will halt
    mindless militaristic ventures. It is only Sanders who will lead
    the fight against an establishment determined on self-preservation.
    It is only Sanders who wants to tear down the rigged system and be
    the architect for a better way. In that respect, Clinton and Trump are
    very much on the same team.”

  2. TRT Editor | April 8, 2016 at 1:17 pm |

    To Anyone leaving comments about this and any other stories: PLEASE send your actual e-mail and phone number, as specified for letters to the editor and online comments, to verify that the person leaving the feedback is an actual person. Comments that are highly inflammatory, however, will not be posted. Thank you for your feedback. I welcome it and we all appreciate it.

  3. Mike Donaldson | April 9, 2016 at 12:42 am |

    Great story and right on. These people are beasts charging ahead aimlessly trying to just hurt the leader, putting her down any way they can, lying just like Sanders is with his delusional rhetoric about breaking the banks apart and “not knowing how to do it
    “. Great revolution that is. And how come these Trump-like robots say they won’t support Hillary if she’s the candidate. That is what divisiveness is about and their candidate is just like them. Imagine some are so full of vitriol that they will vote for Trump if #whichBernie doesn’t win. That’s just fucke# up if you’d ask me. I think that your opinion is right on. I would’ve said even more about #whichBernie Is it the socialist? the democrat? the revolution starter that doesn’t know how to break up the banks? the one who receives money from the nra? the one who wasn’t going to make it personal and demeaning? the feminist? there is so much about #whichbernie I don’t understand the fascination. He’s just as screwed up as his followers and what about the math? He can’t win! But of course, they have a new math system in which they can make it happen. They make up shit as they go, just like #dumpTrump.

  4. Mike Donaldson | April 9, 2016 at 12:45 am |

    I know my comment is awaiting moderation. I sent you all of my info.

  5. Ray LaPierre | April 10, 2016 at 5:08 pm |

    I sent you all of my information. Thanks for the call. Now you know I am a real person.

  6. Ray LaPierre | April 10, 2016 at 5:11 pm |

    I agree that many of us, Bernie supporters are pretty out there. But, so are Hillary supporters. Now, the difference with me is that I won’t trash either candidate. I’ll vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee because she is better than the republicans. It’s not bernie or bust for me. I wanted to express that not all of Bernie’s people are that way and I don’t condone that thought process at all. May the best candidate win. And, it was nice to receive a call and talk with the person who called about who I am. I’m from Hartford, CT. I mentioned it, but didn’t add that to my name.

    • TRT Editor | April 10, 2016 at 5:18 pm |

      Mr. LaPierre, Thank you for your level-headed comment. We have received many comments that are highly inflammatory and bordering on threats. I’m glad you understand the column. It is, indeed, my opinion. All opinions are biased, after all. I am happy to hear from other Sanders’ supporters who are not engaging in name calling, threatening messages, or this mentality that we all have to put go to war with one another to understand and comment on each others’ views. Democrats, in my view, will be moving this country forward in terms of overall human rights. I will always vote for progress. Thank you for sharing your views. Best, The Editor

  7. Ray LaPierre | April 27, 2016 at 12:24 pm |

    HA HA HA Let’s see who’s laughing now Christopher Milligan. Your Bernie or Dust has fallen thru. Either get on board of get off the you know what.

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