Crooner Brian Evans Lands in Beantown

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Evans and Charlie Sheen hanging out in Boston last year.

BOSTON, Mass–One of the most successful singers to come out of Boston is someone you may have never even heard of. But you are about to in a big way.

After mega-successful CD’s in Asia, where censorship has worked in his favor (Lady Gaga was just banned in Indonesia), the big band music of Brian Evans is the prevailing genre throughout China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and The Philippines. Translation: Evans has made millions without ever having had a release in America (and he was born in Haverhill). That, too, is about to change. Grammy Magazine names him among Norah Jones and Michael Buble’ as one of the most relevant new crooners of our time.

Evans once did a stint on ABC’s “Full House” as a kid (he was Kimmy Gibler’s boyfriend, just YouTube it) and has just signed on to record his major label debut in the U.S. under producer Narada Michael Walden, the  multi-Grammy Award winning producer who launched Whitney Houston, including the most successful film soundtrack of all time, “The Bodyguard.” Walden also produces Elton John, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey. Now … Walden is producing Brian Evans. Get ready, world.

The new CD, which will first debut in Asia this month, will feature Evans remakes of “Rocketman,” “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” “Jump,” “She Drives Me Crazy,” and even Livin’ La Vida Loca.” It also features Evans original songs “I’m A Traveler” and “At Fenway,” the mega-Red Sox hit he wrote (it debuted at #3 on … during football season). Red Sox Hall of Famer, Jim Rice, is currently seen in a Best Buy TV commercial promoting the new song “At Fenway,” by Evans.

Brian Evans and Cher were seen shopping on Maui last year.

Evans, who began his “crooning” career in Vancouver, performed every Saturday night at a club called Babalu. Singer Michael Buble performed on Sunday’s. Buble’s album just came out first. That brought him to Vegas, where he’s opened for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, and Social Distortion.

Evans is also the writer of a major motion picture being developed for the big screen. Evans wrote “Horrorscope,” a story about a psychic who is forced to tell predictions to the mob. When the mob thinks she screwed them on a prediction that results in arrests of the mafia’s godfather, a hit is ordered on the psychic. The murder of the psychic causes a physical manifestation of the signs of The Zodiac, who then seek revenge for the psychic’s death. Evans and Narada Michael Walden have already written the title track song, and Evans gave his blessing for his producer to also produce the movie soundtrack. Not a hard choice, given Walden has already produced the most successful film soundtrack of all time with “The Bodyguard.” “Horrorscope” is also being developed for toys and video games. Evans moved back to Boston last month to implement his “At Fenway” into Red Sox Nation.

Although mum on his love life, Evans has been seen performing karaoke on Thursday nights at Machine.

See them both (Walden will be on drums with Evans’ big band) at The Wilbur on December 19th. For tickets visit or

Want to win a pair of tickets? “Like” his Facebook page at

Editor’s note: The original concert date of July 20th has been changed to December 20th to accommodate for Evan’s CD Release.

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  1. Katie Henaghan | June 19, 2012 at 11:39 pm |

    I saw Brian perform in Rhode Island once. He is unreal. See him.

  2. Greg Johnson | June 21, 2012 at 1:18 am |

    He is superb! This man sounds just like Sinatra. I’m going to make sure I make this one. I highly recommend anyone who likes his music. Here I go Crooner!!

  3. Bob Evans | June 30, 2012 at 1:15 pm |

    Brian Evans also has a colorful criminal history. He was arrested once right after singing the national anthem at Fenway Park. He did a stint in jail for impersonating Casey Kasem and he was known to be a notorious cybersquatter back in the 1990’s.

  4. this guy is sad . wow .. he reeks of desperation . nice lisp too ..

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