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gentle aesthetics med spa

A luxury Med Spa that will save you thousands

BRAINTREE, Mass.—Gentle Aesthetics Med Spa is a result focused, full service Medical Spa where gentle approach and rejuvenating benefits of cutting edge technology produce a beautiful synergy of aesthetic treatment options for men and women, according to owner Helena Shumakin.

“We wholeheartedly believe in consistency, we want to establish a long-term relationship with our clients and we want to offer our clients the option of affordable, on-going skin and body care because only then truly lasting, visible, sometimes life-changing results can be achieved,” said Shumakin.

With extensive experience in the industry and in a field that often costs clients several thousands of dollars a month, Shumakin prides herself on offering cost-effective treatments, for just a fraction of what other medical spas may charge.

“We keep the prices affordable and our clients tend to stay with us for a long time so it works out wonderful for everyone,” Shumakin noted. “Each individual has unique physical characteristics, it takes time to study a client’s skin, and how it reacts to treatments or products and develop the most effective treatment plan. It would be very difficult to resolve any condition in one appointment. We want to prove with results that what we do rally does work; when clients see that, Gentle becomes part of their beauty maintenance regimen.

Directed by a licensed MD, and a staff of certified and experienced aestheticians and nurses, a client-centered approach is key.

In keeping with this philosophy, Gentle Aesthetics Medical Spa offers a VIP membership program for just $149/month which includes development of a beauty plan, created and maintained according to each client’s needs, Shumakin added.

“Members can choose from a variety of treatments available to them plus on-going consultation with our aestheticians and nurses who are always available to consult,” she said. “VIP members can save thousands of dollars during the course of the year.”

Of the many services offered, Shumakin said that the Body Countering and Permanent Fat reduction treatments are “very popular.”

“Almost everyone has that little extra fat pocket or two that just won’t go away no matter how much we exercise and diet,” she said. “We have technology that can effectively remove this stubborn fat.”

Other services include skin-rejuvenating treatments, such as dark spot removal and facial fillers. Shumakin explained that most clients opt in for those services as well.

“We pride ourselves in the level or education we provide to each client before and during treatments so that they feel comfortable and confident that they are making the right choice,” she said.

Recognizing the need of laser hair removal for transgender FTM clients, Shumakin said this is a popular option.

“Laser Hair removal is a quick and effective treatment … it rarely has any side effects, no down time [and] amazing results can be achieved in 6 -8 sessions that are spaced 6 weeks apart,” she explained. “We understand that this treatment can truly be life changing for clients and we all feel grateful that we are able to provide a service that can enhance someone’s life.”

According to Shumakin, most services are equally effective for men and women. Though hair loss treatments are more sought after by men, the cutting edge procedure offered by Gentle Aesthetics Med Spa works for both genders.

“We all have similar concerns associated with signs of aging, acne scaring, unwanted hair or unwanted body fat,” she said. “I can think of only one treatment that is more popular in men, although women can be treated effectively as well—regeneration of hair loss due to male pattern baldness with PRP injections. It is a cutting edge procedure that requires no surgery, [is] very well tolerated by patients and has no downtime.”

Shumakin said that the office offers up to 60-minute complementary consultations, depending on the areas of interest.

“Consultation is performed in a private room where clients can freely discuss their concerns and ask any questions they would like,” she said. “We create a custom treatment plan and provide as much information as we possibly can, including pricing. Clients are welcome to take their treatment plans home; there is no pressure to purchase that day. We recommend taking it one step at a time especially for someone new to our clinic.”

Customer experience is at the center of Gentle’s business model. From the aromatherapy diffusers throughout the clinic, complimentary hot and cold beverages, snacks, plush blankets in treatment rooms and WIFI accessibility to Netflix availability during longer procedures, this is not your typical med spa.

“It is [of] utmost importance to us to create a customer experience that’s beyond expectations,” said Shumakin. “Our clients often comment on wonderful energy they feel when they come to us. We are located in a medical building in a spacious, beautifully designed office; we hope to create atmosphere where clients feel relaxed and comfortable, I think the most important aspect is our amazing team who are knowledgeable, possess rapport and personality required in working with people in medical aesthetics environment.”

Gentle’s non-invasive procedures using advanced techniques allow for most treatments to be completed in under an hour and flexible financing options can accommodate almost any budget.

“We always do our best to offer comfortable, non-judgmental, welcoming environment so that you can enjoy a rewarding experience from your first moment at Gentle,” Shumakin said.

For more information about Gentle Aesthetics Med Spa or to schedule your appointment, visit or call 781-843-0800. Check them out on on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ by searching Gentle Aesthetics Med Spa.


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