Best LGBTQ Reporting 2016 by The Rainbow Times

best-of-lgbtq-2016The Best 2016 LGBTQ Reporting by The Rainbow Times.

Popular picks for our best LGBTQ reporting in 2016

By: The Rainbow Times’ Editorial Team—

The year 2016 highlighted progress for Transgender rights in Massachusetts. Transgender public accommodations bill (S2407) was passed in July, capping off a more than 10-year fight for explicit protections under Massachusetts law for transgender people in public places, including parks, restaurants, hospitals, and public restrooms. However, despite collective gains, 2016 was also year riddled with devastation. Most notably, 49 lives were lost and 53 injured when a madman gunned down Latinx and LGBTQ individuals at Pulse Orlando nightclub, which sparked nationwide outrage, vigils and demonstrations of support. As a community, we proved that are indeed #OneOrlando. Locally, a group of cowards took to the streets of Salem, Mass. and detonated one of The Rainbow Times‘ newspaper boxes in a senseless and hateful explosion. However, the community rose together in strength and resilience, sending a message throughout the region that such acts will not be tolerated and we will never be silenced.

As critical non-profit organizations forged ahead, and expanded services specifically addressing concerns and needs of the LGBTQ community, hundreds of anti-LGBTQ laws were proposed and some passed throughout the country. With an impending Trump presidency, discriminatory legislation is on the rise for the LGBTQ community as depicted through the First Amendment Defense Act, which attacks the very premise of equal rights and treatment under the law. With an all-Republican led government, equal rights have never been more in jeopardy. President-elect Trump has promised to sign it. Year 2016 was the year to brace for the storm and 2017 is the year of #theresistance.

The Rainbow Times covered many local and national stories featuring these and many more critical topics. TRT’s reporters proudly covered these events and more in exclusive and breaking news stories that quickly developed from confidential news tips or releases that turned into exclusive coverage too. Below are some of the coverage that were produced in-house, some of which caused us to scramble at the last minute to prevent our server from crashing due to high traffic from our readers. These samples are our picks for our memorable coverage in 2016, also based on feedback and social media shares.

Best of 2016

Guest and TRT Column Picks

Complacency: Disaster for LGBTQ Rights in 2016, Beyond – Mike Givens

Latin Vision: Las Paradas Gay No Son Un Carnaval – Francisco Cartagena Méndez

Op-Ed: Changing an Institution from Within; My Experience as a Gay Methodist Pastor – Pastor Will Green

Op-Ed: Scapegoating vs. Solidarity: Codifying Discrimination & Second Class Citizenship – Keegan O’Brien

Op-Ed: How Do We Stop Violence Against LGBTQ People? – Keegan O’Brien

Seasonal Affective Disorder: What is It and What Can be Done – Al Gentile

#OneSalem unites after explosion, an introspection – Nicole Lashomb

Ask a Trans Woman: After the Election, Importance of Strangers Protecting Strangers – Lorelei Erisis

¿Qué es la HeteroFlexibilidad Masculina? – Francisco Cartagena Méndez

Original Reporting

The State of Transgender Rights: Legislation, Empowerment and Equality – Nicole Lashomb

CDC Reports Startling Increase in the Rise of STIs, Stresses Safe-Sex Practices – Mike Givens

My Daughter’s Army: Greg Hogben’s Book on the Blatant & Subtle Oppression of Women, Gay Rights – Graysen M. Ocasio

The Welcoming Committee’s New Project Supports Inclusivity, Respect for LGBTQs – Mike Givens

Report Highlights LGBTQ People Abuse, Discrimination Within the Criminal Justice System – Mike Givens

Boston Pride Withdraws Marshalship After Controversial FB Comments Surface – Mike Givens

Trans Flag Flies at Boston City Hall: Momentum Pushes Mass. Closer to Passing the #TransBillMA – Mike Givens

Boston Medical Center Opens New Center Devoted Exclusively to Transgender Transition-Related Care – Mike Givens

Gay for Good (G4G) LGBTQ Volunteer Group Seeks to Make a Difference – Luke Sherman

Boston-Based Nonprofit Seeks to End Solitary Confinement in Mass. Prisons, Jails – Mike Givens

#WeAreOrlando – Tribute to #PulseOrlando – The Rainbow Times

Exclusive: Massachusetts Bill Provides Explicit Legal Protections for Transgender People in Public Spaces – Mike Givens

Exclusive: Mayor Driscoll, the Salem All-Star and LGBT Community Champ – Nicole Lashomb

Art Exhibition Highlights Diversity of LGBTQIA People with Disabilities in Boston – Luke Sherman

Orlando Shooting Highlights Disparities, Oppression in Latinx Community – Mike Givens

MA Gov. Baker Signs Historic Insurance Mandate to Cover HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy – Luke Sherman

Planned Parenthood League of MA to Provide PrEP at all Facilities – John Paul Stapleton

Salem LLC Hopes MOU Will Curb Alleged Voter Intimidation, Discrimination at Polls – Mike Givens

In State Rep. Race, Inflammatory Literature, Anti-LGBT Views Surface About Caroline Colarusso, Ties to Tea Party – Mike Givens

The Hat Sisters’ Legacy Lives On: Farewell to John Michael Gray – Chris Gilmore

Beauty Beyond the Binary Part 1 – The Rainbow Times’ Special

New Report Details Discrimination, Alienation Experienced by Bisexual People – Al Gentile

Beauty Beyond the Binary Part 2 – The Rainbow Times’ Special

The Trump Effect: Emboldening Prejudice, the Social Construct of Hate – Chris Gilmore

Global Campaign to End Violence Against Women Supported by Mass. Groups – Mike Givens

TV Host Dale LePage Wins Award for LGBTQ Entertainment & Education Programming – Al Gentile

Holyoke Supper Club Brings LGBTQ Social Gatherings to Western Mass. Elderly – John Paul Stapleton

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