During 1st Year in Office Trump Compiles Strikingly Anti-LGBT Record of Executive Branch Actions

trump's wordsPres. Donald J. Trump Photo: Fenway Health

BOSTON, Mass.―Today, The Fenway Institute of Fenway Health released a policy brief demonstrating that in his first year in office, President Donald Trump has compiled a strikingly anti-LGBT record. From judicial appointments to support for anti-LGBT religious refusal regulations to a lack of leadership on LGBT- and HIV-related issues, Trump has broken his campaign promise to support the LGBT community.

“In 2016 Donald Trump said, ‘As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens,’ but since taking office he has done the exact opposite,” said Sean Cahill, PhD, Director of Health Policy Research at The Fenway Institute. “Changes in regulations and guidance overseeing health and human services, and the appointment of judges who are hostile to LGBT people, have made LGBT people much more vulnerable to discrimination in health care, social services, employment, and access to government services.”

Examples of first-year actions taken by the Trump Administration that undermine the health and well-being of LGBT people include:

  • Rescinding guidance to schools that discrimination based on gender identity violates Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act;
  • Reversing a long-held Department of Justice policy interpreting Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination, to also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity;
  • Reversing progress on sexual orientation and gender identity data collection on federal surveys;
  • Attempting to ban transgender people from serving in the military;
  • Weakening the Affordable Care Act, which, since 2010, has resulted in historic gains in health insurance coverage for LGBT people and people living with HIV;
  • Appointing Neil Gorsuch, who has an extensive record of opposition to LGBT equality and support of religious refusal, to the US Supreme Court;
  • Appointing judges with anti-LGBT records to federal district and circuit courts;
  • Failing to show leadership by ignoring LGBT Pride Month in June, dismantling the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, and signaling to other nations that his administration does not prioritize human rights, including the rights of LGBT people in countries where they are persecuted.

“Any one of these acts alone would be a significant step backwards,” Cahill added. “Taken together, they threaten the health and well-being of LGBT people, particular youth, elders, those also living with HIV, low-income individuals, Black and Latino people, and undocumented immigrants.”

The policy brief, One year in, Trump Administration amasses striking anti-LGBT record, can be read here.

Since 1971, Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhood, the LGBT community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population.  The Fenway Institute at Fenway Health is an interdisciplinary center for research, training, education and policy development focusing on national and international health issues. Fenway’s Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center cares for youth and young adults ages 12 to 29 who may not feel comfortable going anywhere else, including those who are LGBT or just figuring things out; homeless; struggling with substance use; or living with HIV/AIDS.  In 2013, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts joined the Fenway Health family, allowing both organizations to improve delivery of care and services across the state and beyond.

[From a News Release]


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